When will Trump Supporters Revolt?

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The war between the GOP and the President is over. The just say no era is over.  45 is the Commander and Chief.

In his first 24 hours he has signed two bills that will effect his low and middle income supporters.  Fewer of his supporter can qualify for low interest mortgage loans and he has taken the first steps to dismantle health care.

It’s unfortunate the Affordable Care Act isn’t know as the Affordable Care Act.

45 didn’t lie to his supporters when he said he was going to drain the swamp.   What his supporters didn’t understand, the intended to relocate the swamp to the Capital.

The residents of the swamp are millionaires who can’t relate to the daily needs of his supporters.

How long will 45 supporters will accept his deflections, its the lying press or the government, or

Set your watches





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