The Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 Ep 11: Kenya, Rhymes with Witch is Back

In Episode 11 “Thelma and Louise Takes Flint”, Hell froze over.  Porsha’s Wisdom. Kenya is back to her old ways.


I love Cynthia Bailey, she beautiful, wise, and very likable but there isn’t much of a story line.  She has moved Kandi’s guest house with her wigs and Fruit Loops waiting for the appraisal on her Lake House.   The appraisal come in and now she’s waiting to close. The End.

Porsha and Todd

Porsha and Todd have lunch at a restaurant. Todd informs her there was a bit of controversy about an Instagram picture they took his job.  Apparently someone at his job follows  Porsha’s posts and are concerned about her references about the Democratic Party.   He goes on to say his boss is very conservative and possibly a Trump supporter and he had to choose, and chose Porsha over his job.

Todd expected oohs and ahhs from Porsha, what he received was  just the opposite. Why would you quit your JOB!    Which  was a lot of hooey.  Did I say hooey? I meant BULLSHIT!  Home cheese was most likely fired, his demeanor is more childlike than adult.  Perhaps he thinks he’s gonna get paid for being on the show.   Porsha ain’t feeling it.

   Hell Froze Over

After all those years of mutual hate and disgust. Kenya and Phaedra has bonded, they were like Thelma and Louise in a vintage Caddy Convertible they drove to a Michigan Camp ground.   Phaedra raised money for some children from Flint Michigan.    Kenya wasn’t pleased with her camp liked accommodations and split to a Hilton.

The children loved Kenya and  her positive energy (yes I said positive). There were some heartbreaking stories from some of the male children. Children who has seen violence close up and one young man who has never seen his parents. The sadness hit Kenya hard and she told Phaedra she needed to be reminded of what’s important in life.    There is something to be said about Phaedra as she seems to work tirelessly giving back to the community.

A Bedridden Porsha

Porsha fainted at a nail salon. Her doctor tells her to take a couple of days off.   She thinks its stress related, as she is looking for a house and other issues in her life. Namely Todd.  Todd drops by to see her. He brings her some ice cream and kisses her neck as if……   Porsha isn’t feeling him, in fact she’s pissed.  His sweet talk is not working and she tells him he need to shape up and not act like everything is cool.  He may have quit the job  for her, (Bullshit)but this isn’t what she wanted. She thought she had a stable man to father her child. Todd, disagrees and tells her they should talk later.

Good Thing She waited to eat

Sweaty Bob, Sheree’s ex has spent the season attempting to woo his suspicious ex.   This time  out, Sweaty Bob pulls out all the stops and rents out a French burlesques club. Sweaty, know for fine dining at Atlanta’s best chicken shacks, even hires a dancer.   How so nevah, she is not the dancer Bob dances for Sheree.  Home Cheese was grinding winding and finding his sexy on the stage with a big boa.   Love him, pat him dry, Bob is funny!

However the two have a past, and Sheree has few memories of joy.   She remembers being thrown out of Spain.  Bob threw a drink in her face and as we know Sheree has never been anyone’s punk and she went vintage Tina Turner on Ike (I mean,Sweaty Bob) and Spain said, yall  got to go back to Nutbush!


She’s Back to her old Witchy Ways

Phaedra fresh and glowy from her positive camping trip in Michigan decides all the ladies should get together for a SIT-DOWN (cue scary music)to talk about how to make their relationships stronger.

At the restaurant, Phaedra shares her experience in Michigan, in fact she takes it a step further and suggest they all go camping or glamping. All is well, the ladies seem to be interested.

Kenya out of nowhere brings up Porsha’s anger issues. She said that Phaedra  was wondering if Porsha’s anger management was working?  She reminds everyone that Porsha has physically assaulted people on three separate occasions .  Things rapidly deteriorate from there as now Kandi is yelling at Porsha . Porsha is yelling back and Kenya seems to be yelling at everyone.

Porsha showing restraint, gets up and leaves.  No one has been slapped at this point. Phaedra takes chase after her buddy Porsha.  Kenya takes chase after both of them yelling at Porsha.  Pushing, pushing all of her buttons.

Porsha leaves, the ladies are now in the parking lot arguing .  Sheree tries to take up for Porsha telling Kenya, she does provoke situations.  Vintage Kenya returns, attacking Sheree, saying Sheree was beaten up by an ex boy friend. Kenya is in super clown mode, squatting walking around in the parking lot like some bizarro duck.  Sheree is hot, in the back of her mind, she must being saying to herself, you know I just got my peach back,  but baby I would LOVE to beat this bitches ass.


Phaedra convinces Porsha to return.  Porsha is hott, but focused.  Its now Porsha, Phaedra and Sheree.

With laser like clarity ,Porsha tells Phaedra who tried to defend Kenya*. ” You’ve got a fake friend-Kenya doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Don’t tell her any thing ! Porsha asks Phaedra how did the anger issue come about?    *Phaedra is at the center of this storm. She mistakenly shared too much with Kenya. However,its not likely for Phaedra to apologize until she’s cornered.

Its possible Matt soften Kenya, she has been relatively pleasant.  With that relationship on the rocks, it looks like the old cruel mean Kenya is back.

Next weeks episode looks like Fiya! 

Cynthia is back in the mix and we know Sheree is NOT done!

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