Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 EP12 “Into the Woods or the Adventures of Fric,Frack and Whack”

Friendships are challenged and a rerun of feuds sum up last nights episode.

Fric & Whack

The new team of Fric (Phaedra) and Whack (Kenya) go shopping for supplies for the glamping trip.   (Isn’t glamping a stupid word, there is nothing glamorous about camping unless its done from the 15th floor or a resort)    Phaedra wants Kenya to keep it cool around Frack (Porsha). Kenya insists Porsha’s anger management isn’t working.  Kenya is an expert on anger management, after all her whacked out boytoy regularly breaks out the windows on her home.

Cynthia, Kenya and Whacked OutBoyToy

Cynthia meets with Kenya’s Boy Toy to see whats happening with Kenya and the Toy(Matt).  Matt says Kenya doesn’t respect him and they don’t know how to communicate AND he gets upset and starts breaking things ….  At her house of course. Cynthia tries to make Matt feels a little bit better by saying  Kenya is a drama queen.

 (come on say it with me Duh!)

Later, Kenya visits Cynthia at the new lake house.  Cynthia shares her conversation with Matt.  This sends Kenya to the moon, screaming Matt is a child and psychotic  and calls their relationship a cycle of abuse! Kenya steps it up a bit by questioning Cynthia’s loyalty cause Kenya is ALWAYS defending Cynthia’s honor and name.   MISS KENYA MOORE! WILL NOT HAVE HER NAME BESMIRCHED LIKE THIS! (I’ll have to look up Besmirched to see if any one has done that to me?) AND SHE DRIVES OFF IN A HUFF!      (Kenya a drama queen? nah)

Time for a White Party featuring Black People

Kandi’s friend Shamea is getting married.. Kandi throws her a white party. Everyone is invited except Phaedra and Kenya.  Cynthia, Marlo and Sheree show up wearing something other than white.

Porsha and Shamea are besties and Porsha doesn’t show up.  Shamea is disappointed.

Ladies and Gentleman.  “Its time for some Shit from Sheree”

With Phaedra absent, Sheree says Phaedra is telling people Shamea loves sleeping with married men. Shamea, says Apollo constantly threw himself at her and suggests Phaedra is a Public Utility (meaning she is sucking dick ALL ovah!) Complete with gestures that some would consider inappropriate gestures for an engagement party!

Shamea is also upset that her bestie didn’t defend her.

Porsha visitS Shamea to apologize for missing her engagement party.  She arrives with a gift and tells Shamea how she cant be around Kandi right now.  Shamea confronts Porsha with all the rumors and how her bestie didn’t defend her.  Porsha temporarily slips into a dumb and stupid mode, maybe she did defend Shamea.


Shamea tells Kenya to watch out for Phaedra.  She reminds us when Phaedra used to say that Porsha is stupid and has a little head full of brains.

Porsha and the Coach

Porsha is going to an anger management coach. She talks about last week and the ambush. She tells him about being upset when Kandi put her on the defensive and What worse Kenya made light of the embarrassing situation.

I still find it interesting that Kenya is concerned about Porsha and not about Matt.

Glamping and another chapter of Chateau Sheree and Moore Manor

Its the day of the glamping trip but before we move on, its time for another tired chapter of Chateau Sheree vs Moore Manor.

At Moore Manor, Kenya got it going on, with a full spread of sandwiches and has fruits and fresh veggies.   Meanwhile, at the Chateau, Sheree looks like she’s selling Girl Scout Cookies outside a shopping mall . With a plastic folding table with cookies in their plastic container  I beginning to believe that the Chateau is rented with Sheree waiting for the current tenant to move out.  The ladies loyal to Sheree precamped outside with a Chips Ahoy and those at the manor lounged inside  with fresh food . Advantage Moore.

Unknown to Phaedra, some of the ladies are bringing their friends including pre peached Marlo. Porsha brings her sister Lauren and Kandi brings her friend Hazel.

Marlo  was dressed for fashion shoe and somewhere  between the snacks and glamping bus, she christened herself the pearl of wisdom.  Any questions the ladies have about anything ,you could ask Marlo.

 What may have began as a joke, backfired on Porsha. as she produces a note from her doctor explaining why she brought her sister along.   Reopening another round of Porsha’s anger management.  To be continued next week