Women Needed Stat!

sacratomatovillepost-wms36.jpg.jpgWOMEN make up over fifty percent of the US population and but hold less than twenty percent of the seats in congress.  

Laws that protect women are under attack. From health care to rape. By men who will never give birth, who are not likely to know anyone who was raped or beaten by someone are enacting laws for women. However,nearly every women knows someone who has been raped or beaten.

Some male lawmakers believe that the penalties for domestic violence and rape are too severe.

Recently, Tony Tinderholt a Texas lawmaker has filed a bill that would make it legal to charge women who receive abortions with a crime  This bill would extend to men who are involved with their partner’s abortion.

“Right now, it’s real easy. Right now, they don’t make it important to be personally responsible because they know that they have a backup of ‘oh, I can just go get an abortion.’ Now, we both know that consenting adults don’t always think smartly sometimes,” Tinderholt told the Texas Observer. “But consenting adults need to also consider the repercussions of the sexual relationship that they’re (going to) have, which is a child.”

A few years ago,Congressman Todd Akin believed a “women’s body knew  “legitimate rape” and can stop an unwanted pregnancy.

Governments in many states criminalized abortion and closed medical clinics that provided  medical coverage for women  Other states chose not to participate in the Affordable Care Act.

Lawmen are attempting to defund the Affordable Care Act and Planned Parenthood leaving millions of women without health care.

Ideology, exposed hundreds of thousands of American Women to the Zika virus.

Global Attacks on Women

The 45th President has expanded the ban on providing federal money to international groups that perform abortions, or provide abortion information, to all organizations receiving U.S. global health assistance.  This ban will affect million of poor women in the world .

Programs funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to support child nutrition, and help combat infectious diseases like tuberculosis and malaria are also affected.

“Without funding, these organizations won’t be able to provide HIV services and maternal health care, or counsel women on the risks of Zika infection,”

 Because They’re Not Women

The erosion of women’s rights will continue until there is nearly an equal amount of female lawmakers to male.

More women lawmakers are immediately needed .   Not just nationally, but locally.  In many governments the majority  of the sexual harassment board (if one exists) is male. Sexual harassment policies are created for the most part by males.

There are many men who are sympathetic, not only the to the needs of women,but the  importance of having women at the table.   Not just in Blue states but in Red states.  However in many areas of government input from women is limited to one or two small voices.

I am a male with daughters, nieces, with female friends and many years ago when I was married I asked my mother why  women  were too complicated and I wanted her to help me understand. She said you’ll never understand because your not a women.