It couldn’t wait!

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How often have you’ve been forced to listen to a very loud conversation on a bus or an waiting room?

Individuals on their cell phones loudly and freely including us in their conversation whether we want to be apart of it or not.

 Oh yes, the laughter and the volume. People yelling into their phones so loudly that they can be heard by passengers at thirty thousand feet.

On one trip on light rail all the passengers learned, Alfred Weters was fucking this cum whore Mace Johnson, who had fucked everyone in the Fair Oaks location of this well known business.  The manager there ,who transferred from the Bay Area is a racist.

There were small children on that train, and at least 50 others who probably didn’t want to be a part of the conversation was forced to listen.

 What if someone on the train knew Alfred or if the cum whore’s sister was on that train?   How could they walk away from that?

  Your gonna have to trust me on this.  (yes I am the spokesperson)

 We don’t want to hear about your personals life including your diarrhea and how the shit was everywhere and how you were grossed out AND how you mother will have to clean it up because you cant!  I so wanted you to reimburse me for my teriyaki chicken dinner.

I often wonder if these people think they are in a sound proof bubble?

News Flash You’re Not!

Yesterday, in a office lobby was Barbara.  A wound up lady who needed to talk! Not in her office or her car.  But NO!!!  She needed an office lobby!    It seems, she was bullied in her office in Sacramento by Bob,a narcissistic asshole who is in a habit of bullying her.  She was very emotional and loud.  What we learned is if you disagree with her she will get louder! She’s very tired of this shit! There is a campaign of men who bully her! AND she named them all and there individual offices. One call wasn’t enough for Barbara, she called several people repeating the story to the point that anyone in the lobby could repeat the story verbatim.

One man trying to read the Wall Street Journal was snickering behind his newspaper. Another man was shocked at the detail Barbara went into to.  I looked for camera or a camera crew to see if we were all being punked!

No one from Dateline came out.

True Story

There was a girl on her phone in a large office building in San Francisco.  She was inline for elevator to take her to her floor to an interview.  As we waited her voice bounced off the walls of the elevator lobby.  On the packed elevator, she  was telling someone  how much she loathe being a receptionist and if she gets the job she would only stay a couple of months. She went on to say the person she spoke to had a funny accent that she could barely understand her.   The doors opened on the 37th floor.  She went to the restroom to check her makeup and hair.

The receptionist who handed her the paperwork is from Argentina. The women who later interviewed her is from Britain, they were all on the same elevator.


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