Sactomatic: Drivers Assist

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What is it with law enforcement in Sactown?   I first noticed it at the Arco Arena and now with the new Golden 1 Center.

So Why do I ask?

 Y do we need members of law enforcement to direct drivers before and after events at the cities arenas? Are Sacramentians incapable of following traffic signals before and after an events?

What makes us so unique?  Drivers in Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Portland and other cities with large arenas are able to drive without assistance at every intersection. Here in Sactown we know Red light means stop (not moving) and Green means Go (moving) and yellow means check your Facebook , right?

Traffic signals aren’t cheap.  They cost taxpayers anywhere from Fifty thousand to more than half million each to buy and install.  Electricity and maintenance for each light could cost upward to $15,000 for each traffic signal.

So come on Sac, Sheriff and PD, you trust us at challenging intersections like Howe and Fair Oaks, and on Truxel Road near the Target and Wal Mart without assistance.

If you trust us at those places, you should trust us driving to and from  Golden 1 Center. More of you will be free to protect us from bad people who may want to take our Kenmore Appliances and Chia Pets.

Just a thought, we appreciate all that you do!