Women reveal biggest Valentine’s Day disasters from being cheated on to their partner getting arrested

Women have revealed their biggest Valentine's Day disasters (file picture)

For Valentine’s Day, you might hope for flowers, a heartfelt message in a card, perhaps even a candlelit dinner…

But even if you do get them, things could still go wrong.

Getting arrested, being cheated on and ending up in hospital are among some of the nation’s biggest Valentine’s disasters, a new poll reveals.

Many have been left disappointed after a lacklustre February 14.

Couple hugging along Seine River, Paris, France
We all hope to feel like this on Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t always work out that way… (Photo: Getty)

But more than one in 10 have gone so far as to say that the traditional day of love ended up as a total disaster for them, according to the poll.

One man tried to be romantic by decorating the stairs with flower petals to surprise his partner, but ended up slipping on one of the petals and falling down the steps.

Meanwhile, a disappointed woman organised and paid for a trip to London, only for her partner to take the credit and tell everyone he had treated her.

He didn’t even buy her a card.

wilted flowers
*sad trombone* (Photo: Johner RF)


Other women described how they argued with their partner and slept in separate bedrooms on Valentine’s Day night.

And some even broke up with their partners for good.

The Beaverbrooks poll also found that 56 per cent of women have been disappointed by a partner’s efforts on Valentine’s Day compared to just 25 per cent of men.

Some women described how they slept in a separate bedroom to their partner on Valentine's Day night (file picture)
Some women described how they slept in a separate bedroom to their partner on Valentine’s Day night (file picture) (Photo: Getty Images)

While women’s dream gifts include jewellery, flowers and chocolate or a nice night out, many have been left disappointed after receiving kitchenware, a novelty present or clothes in the wrong size.

More than one in five women have resorted to organising their own Valentine’s date, or even buying their own card or present because they knew their partner wouldn’t put in the effort, according to the poll.

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Pop a bow on and it could be romantic… right? (Photo: Getty)

 “For many couples, Valentine’s Day is an important event in the calendar and can be a great excuse to enjoy a rare date night together.

“But judging by some of the stories, it’s no wonder women are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to Valentine’s Day planning – from picking the perfect gift to booking their own ‘surprise’ celebrations.

“Choosing a special gift can be a daunting experience, which is why we are always on hand to help clueless partners pick something that will really mean something to their other half – and help win them some serious brownie points on the big day.”

Engagement ring in box
Hoping for one of these next week? (Photo: Getty)

The study, of 2,000 people, found women are most likely to be left disappointed after not receiving a card from their other half, followed by a partner simply not putting in much effort or getting them a present.

A partner forgetting about the day altogether, or not being taken out for the evening were also causes of disappointment for women.

One woman was left feeling let down after her partner promised her a romantic dinner, only for him to simply buy the steak for her to cook – and also leave her with the washing up afterwards.

Couple arguing in living room
The pressure of Valentine’s Day can lead to faces like these (Photo: Getty)
As a result of the disappointment, more than one in five women have organised their own Valentine’s Day celebrations or even bought the gift or card because they knew their partner wouldn’t do anything unaided.

Half of those have had to plan and organised the date themselves while another 22 per cent had to pay for it all out of their own pocket.

Others have had to book their own table at a restaurant (48%), choose their own gift (30%) and even plan their own ‘surprise’ (10%).

Researchers also found one in three Brits have argued with a loved one on Valentine’s Day and almost one in twenty have had a relationship end on the romantic day.

But 46 per cent of men admit they often leave it until the last minute to get their partner a Valentine’s card or gift with 23 per cent saying they have forgotten it completely at least once in the past.

Top 10 reasons women are disappointed by their partner’s efforts:

Image result for box of valentine chocolates
  1. They didn’t me get a card
  2. They just generally didn’t put much effort in
  3. They didn’t me get a present
  4. They got me a present which they hadn’t put any real thought into
  5. They forget about it
  6. They didn’t take me out for the evening
  7. They got me a present I didn’t like
  8. They started a row with me on the day
  9. They went out with their friends to the pub
  10. I thought my partner was going to propose and they didn’t

The study also revealed the 20 worst Valentine’s gifts ever received by women.

The list includes a live tarantula and a tin of baked beans.

Oh dear.

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