Survived another Valentines Day

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February 14, a dark day for those who view it as just another day.   A dark day for that man or woman who forgets to buy flowers, chocolate or a “Kay diamond for their significant other.

A few years ago, a relatively new relationship ended because I didn’t call and wish Happy Valentine day.  Apparently the happy birthday greeting four days earlier wasn’t enough.

I’m a loving caring man passionate man who hates that day.   Why February 14th?  Why not October 5th or July 19th or any other day?

All over the world, there are men and women who buy flowers, diamonds,chocolates, and other gifts for their significant others just because.     However those tokens of love rendered meaningless by Valentines Day .

Non Participants of this manufactured holiday could face tears, anger and resentment.

For years. after being pressured by friends, staff and colleagues.  I bought last minute VD gifts.  I was one of those pathetic men standing in the Drug Store line buying one of those last remaining red trinkets.   One year, a sad rose with glued on sparkles.   I  remember looking back at the long line of men who knew there wouldn’t be peace .if he came home empty handed AND he knew what he bought at the drug store wouldn’t be enough

365 Out of Control

One man, took on extra shifts for years to buy his wife a luxury car on her birthday only to be locked out of the house a day after VD because she was the only person in her office who did not get a gift.

A few years ago I stopped participating in this manufactured holiday.  No longer will I be in line at a Walgreen’s Drug Store buying what ever is left on the shelves.

I’m not trying to start of movement as there are many men and women who look forward to February 14th and to you I say Mazel Tov.   However to those men and women who quietly resent that day in February.  Feel free to create your own day to express your love.  There are 365 days and on February 15th those heart shape boxed of candy are marked down.  Buy several boxes. Candy keeps.   Throughout the year, with every gift include one of those heart shaped boxes to remind your significant other love isn’t one day a year.





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