The Real Housewives of Atlanta: S9 Ep15 “Let it all on the Table


LesbianGate  Continues.  This filler episode, starts with a limp and ends with a BOOM!

Kandi’s shares her explosive outing with Porsha with the rest of the housewives and Shemea Porsha’s bestie. Missing in the meeting is Phaedra.   Kandi maybe one of the wealthiest housewives in the franchise but ,she is the least pretentious as the ladies received their drinks in red Dixie cups.

So we see Kandi and the ladies at her home who seem to enjoy Kandi’s adaptation of the drama.  If there isone thing that troubled Kandi, it was Porsha’s saying that she heard someone say Todd and Kandi  planned to drug Porsha and Shemea . With Porsha’s creditability in the spotlight, Cynthia questions her allegations about Peters infidelity.   In light of Bill Cosby, this allegation are serious and could ultimately effect Kandi professionally and we all know, no one plays with Kandi’s money!   Across town Porsha is sharing her version with her sister Lauren.  With Lauren, Porsha seemed more honest and sort of suggested Kandi’s version might be true. Perhaps it was the Henny.

Phaedra, returns to the church that helped her during her divorce and considers inviting the other ladies  for a restoration service at the place that helped her in her darkest hour.

On a visit to the site of the Old Ladies restaurant Kandi and Todd talk about a trip to Hawaii.  Kandi suggests bringing the other ladies . Todd immediately rejects the plan as nothing ever goes right at these vacations and he’s not going unless some of the men go.

We get to meet Kenya’s brother Ronnie along with her and Ronnie’s children.  Motherhood and the subject of Matt comes up, she tells him about Matt’s good qualities and bad,the window breaking etc.  After sharing her story Ronnie, Kenya finds wisdom. Maybe.

Cynthia, Kandi and Phaedra meet to invite Phaedra to Maui…    Porsha has some reservations as she doesn’t get along with Todd, Peter and will consider going if frack joins her.

Sheree visit’s Bob at the Gym, and invites him to Maui .Bob’s in but Sheree tells him they would have separate rooms.  Todd invites Peter, Cynthia’s okay as long as HE has his own Room.

In a gift to us. Porsha thinks Maui is out of the country or the third stop on the Underground Railroad.

A Maui Powee?

The ladies arrive on fumes to Maui. Phaedra and Porsha missed the first flight. We see frick and frack in selfies taken on the plane.  Dinner was served outdoors and the conversation was dry and tired.  Porsha’s arrives with her potential (unemployed) baby daddy, Todd.

Her arrival isn’t welcome by the group.  Kandi is uncomfortable and leaves the table. Phaedra arrives, conversation is light.  Peter stirs the shit by asking Kenya where is Matt, knowing he punched someone that last time they were all together.

The table goes silent, leave it to Sheree to open the Porsha segment.  Kandi returns and Porsha denies what she said and hold on to her story.  Then blames the incident between her and Kandi on the alcohol. Porsha changed her story from knowing that Kandi had a sex dungeon to hearing she had a sex dungeon!   Kandi then distributes a full color copy of a text conversation she had with Porsha with everyone at the table. (and reads it aloud)  In the text,she reads how much fun Porsha said she had and how she said she (Porsha) wouldn’t rape Kandi on camera(no worries). CAN SOMEONE SAY BOOM?

Text messages: Texts were printed out by Kandi and handed out to the group to show Porsha was the aggressor

To be Continued



“Last Week”

Tongue Kissing, Sex Dungeons, VJ eating

Too much for my Christian Eyes, so I read it twice!

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