Integration Now!

For years,people would ask me why whites, and only whites?  Initially ,I wouldn’t respond after all, it was my business.  It is my personal business and who was being hurt!  WHO?

I’m an XXXXXXXL guy and whites are readily available.  I’ve tried a pair of  blacks, and it was okay but its difficult to change, white is what I knew, whites were dependable.

Through the years people would question me. Some of my friends learning of my disposition said they were taking aback. Whites only?  You?

Bowing to pressure, I slowly integrated my drawers.  Adding blacks ,browns, to my private life.  One day in Atlanta, I thought I’d mix it up by getting a blend.   Something other than 100% cotton.  But it was a mistake, I standing in front of 200 hundred people and the blend I was wearing started sliding down. With every step,movement, gesture, they would slide and drift below my hips .  Mortified, I reached inside my pants, and pulled them up where they belong . However, that blend was after me, you know they can be!   I returned to what I knew, white 100% cotton, they have never failed me, never let me down.

Sharing my story, a friend said it may have been that pair.   Faulty manufacturing, rouge elastic and I shouldn’t indite all blends and colors based on that one experience.

H’mm I thought and I slowly began adding different, colors and styles.   Today, my drawers are integrated, boxes, briefs, midrise, lowrise, grandads, solids, stripes, camouflaged, blends, and 100% cotton, living in harmony.

Integration Now-Segregation Never!