The Real Housewives of Atlanta: S9 ep17 Aloha and Goodbye

I’m gonna get it out of the way, I am liking Kenya Moore, and no this isn’t drug or alcohol induced.

Life in Maui has calmed down however things are not what they seem.Phaedra and Kenya are hanging out playing tennis. Cynthia and Peter are very romantic and  Sheree  is talking to Bob Whitfield.

Kenya and Phaedra are playing tennis Kenya is pleased with friendship and Phaedra is cautious. Phaedra is officially divorced, however for some reason she isn’t sharing this news with the other women, including Kenya only Porsha knows

The chemistry between Cynthia and Peter is undeniable.   Everyone think the two are kicking boots. However, divorce is odd, you don’t want to mislead the other  .So the two sleep in separate rooms. Peter commented on how “weird” it was being in the same hotel together but not the same room.  This happens to be Peters birthday and Cynthia  shows up at his room with food, drinks an a gift.    The moment is bittersweet as Peter painfully asks Cynthia if she was dating anyone and she said “not yet.   This opened the door to a heart to heart, they talked about what has gone wrong in the marriage.  Peter wondered if he was the cause, but Cynthia said she was the one who failed.   Cynthia’s  birthday gift to Peter was a binged out bible.     Okay?


Kandi and Todd’s epic fail. The two nudnics thought it would be FUN to roast Peter on his birthday.   The only person close to pulling this off wasn’t there, Nene Leaks.  I’m will not inflect the pain to those haven’t seen it.   MOOOOOVING ON!


Sheree and Bob put on a good face but it evident to others. I’ve been on the fence with Bob and Sheree.  There is a small spark between them. However Sheree seemed distant at times. So I thought maybe she was holding on to Bob for a storyline.     Bob is charming and perhaps it was his charm that attracted her.  She was attracted to that Bob, but the car incident reminded Sheree of the pain she endured as his wife.   On the boat, Bob tried his very best to make up with Sheree.    “I wanted to apologize,” he said. “You don’t even see anything wrong with you leaving and not calling the house for six months,” Sheree. “And then when you talked about you saw me without my seatbelt and you wanted to slam on the brakes and eject me from the car. To put harm on me, or death. It’s abuse. It’s mental abuse and then for you to make a joke of it — it’s just been like that the entire time.” Bob insisted he was a changed man, but Sheree said she wasn’t “buying it.”       Bob, “You want me to bleed myself right here? To slit my fucking wrists so you know I’m serious?”But he wasn’t getting it . She just wanted him to have “remorse” for what he did. He said he was remorseful, but Sheree was done, its a wrap.

One thing we learned.  Men have disappointed Sheree in the past and perhaps this is why Chateau Sheree is so important to her.  With the Chateau, she’s making her own dream come true.

I did say I’m liking Kenya Moore but its clear she’s never been divorced.  She thought she would throw a  Divorce Party for Cynthia and Phaedra.   Neither lady was into it. Cynthia played along but was not CELEBRATING.  Phaedra entered the room and was clearly not feeling it and unlike Cynthia was not going to be a good sport. Phaedra excused herself and left.  Kenya tried to keep it festive a game called ” Kiss the Penis”

While Cynthia was a good sport.Phaedra,  turned salty she told everyone she was sick and excused herself.  She WAS well enough to send Porsha a text about the party. (of course everyone knew it was Shadra ) and Porsha shared the text with the other ladies. “I’m good, but I’m appalled that they would think that the breakup of a family is the cause for celebration and with the host being the trifling woman who was texting my husband — disgusting and disgraceful,”   guess the Kenya, Porsha friendship hit a BUMP.  After the reading of the text, Porsha head to Phaedra’s room

Porsha trashes Kenya.  “I told you not to get close to that heifer,”    Within megaseconds Kenya knocks on the door.  Kenya was confused about why Phaedra was upset. “You’ve said so many times that you are in the best place that you have ever been,” Kenya said,

Phaedra  called her “trifling,” which she didn’t like that much.   Then Phaedra went back two years, TWO YEARS or more       Bring up a topic we all we were tired of…  about whether Kenya had inappropriately flirted with Phaedra’s ex-husband, Apollo.  REALLY ?SHADRA  REALLY?  Kenya,  “Do you blame me for your marriage breaking up?”  Phaedra said she didn’t, but that she did think Kenya “continuously flirted” with Apollo. “It’s just a whole other level of skanky.Kenya called Phaedra a hypocrite for leading her restoration service. “The only thing she has restored in me is knowing that she is as shady as she ever was,”  Folks its ovah!

Then frack (Porsha) goes back to the divorce party and tells everybody that Phaedra’s divorced was finalized.

OOH Frick (Phaedra) will NOT be pleased.


Hard Gossip: With RHOA reunion in the can.  Social Media is on fiya!  The roomah, is Porsha NOT Kenya may have slept with Phaedra’s ex Apollo.

Last week we see, Sheree Whitfield break down for the first time.



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