He cried during…..

” I’m gonna fucking kill him” she screamed in the back of the Key West,Florida police car and she continued screaming in yelling on route to the station.

Key West, Florida is a great place to kick back and relax .Eric Hickman an 42 year old Orthodontist and his wife Jennifer a Dental Hygienist were on vacation from Mason, Ohio sitting by the pool drinking and enjoying the warm weather.

At one point they decided to return to the room to get their early evening groove on. While they were in the room Jennifer accused Eric of using her.  During sex, Jennifer bit Eric on his forearm.

The noise in room 409, got the attention of one of the employees. Who called the room to see if all was okay? A male answered the phone crying, prompting him to call the police.

When the police arrived they noticed the bright red mark on Eric’s forearm (she was serious!) he declined medical treatment.

Jennifer was NOT having it !


When the police arrived Jennifer was at the pool in a chair with her eyes closed.  Jennifer refused to move, her son tried to intervene and was warned by the police to get out of the way.   When the officer asked for her Id she said it was in her bag.  Jennifer stood up and started walked towards her room. When she arrived the door locked, Jen was not happy and took it out on the door.  ( Eric you in danger).  The police tried to get clam down and talked about what happen, Jen had NOTHING to say until they put her in the car. ” I’m gonna fucking kill him”