The Real Housewives of Atlanta:Baby Nups and Breakups

This episode was much do about nothing.  We began with Porsha,who bonded with boy toy possibly baby daddy Todd (not to be confused with Kandi’s Todd Tucker-however anything is possible before the reunion)in Hawaii who is drafting a baby nup. They have toyed with how the baby would look and other silly things couples as they are getting know each other. You’ve never heard of a baby nup?  Your not alone, this was from the mind of Ms Porsha Williams.

Phaedra,thinks Porsha is a bit cavalier about having a child and wants Porsha to think about the big picture. Porsha has always wanted a child, however her desire seem to increase after her sister Lauren had a child.   Porsha wants the baby daddy to be responsible for 50 percent of all expenses, education, and entertainment for the child and Porsha would have all the decision making power.  While I’m sure Porsha gave the baby nup a lot of thought. What she missed is the present.   Todd has children and when it comes to the matter income, he is currently unemployed. So who’s supporting those children?  Not the best start for a new child. After reading the draft, Todd bails.

Speaking of Phaedra and I wont speak long, she visits Cynthia for the first time at new home and they talk about the divorce party where she learns Porsha shared her secret about her finalized divorce with the other ladies.  Cynthia wants to repair the friendship between Cynthia and Kenya.  Good luck with that.  I not going to speak on the contrived Johnnie issue.  Really Phaedra Really?

Kandi and Todd meet with members of the Old Lady Gang, Mama Joyce, Aunt Nora and the wonderful Aunt Bertha who have made enough food to feed two generations of the Jackson’s.   They briefly talk about the opening of the OLG restaurant AND the Hawaii trip.  Nora says they never get invited to the trips and Aunt Bertha said,”Because they know we would eat those ho’s alive”  Bertha gives me LIFE!

Cynthia is preparing her fashion launch of her bag Cargo line in Atlanta.  Included in the show is Sheree’s handsome son Kairo who is exploring a modeling career.   At the first meeting we clearly see the young Whitfield doesn’t  know how to walk.  On the day of the show Kairo is an hour late.  Normally a model would be fired but this is her friends son AND no ones being paid.   Momiger, Sheree is complaining about the site an doesn’t appear too concerned with her son’tardiness.  Mama’s proud of her son, in his first fashion show in her eyes, he is the hit of the show. For the rest of us he well,sucks.

Kenya met with her cousin and talked about Hawaii and Matt. Not much to see here,  She meets with Matt at a Doggy store,  She feels he should stay in contact with the puppy because after all he is the “Puppy Daddy”  (you too?)

The big confrontation between Kenya and Matt was a dud…    Matt seems weepy and want’s Kenya to apologize.  Kenya is done (we can hope) and wishes him well. Please give Matt the damm dog and free us from this trifling shit.


Bring on the reunion (Please)