21st Street Cheeseburger Assault


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Mom told her 39 year old daughter you gotta go.  You gotta get out of my house!   I’ll take you anywhere you need to but you cant stay with me.    Her daughter started yelling at her. So she pulled off the road into the 21st Street McDonalds in Indianapolis, Indiana

After pulling in, her daughter changed her mind on where she wanted to go.   “And told her she’s “Wished her mom would die”

Sitting in the front seat, her daughter took a bite out of her cheeseburger and yelled “BITCH I OUTTA KILL YOU!” and hit her in the left side of her face with her hand and the Cheeseburger.

The 60 year old called the police and when they saw her she had pieces of the cheeseburger on her face.  You know, catsup, mustard, pickles, bits on onion , bits of a 100% all beef patty and a bruise of course.

Her daughter is on the lam.