The Real Housewives of Atlanta: S9 Ep19- “Presenting the Side Chick”

Season 9 has been one of the worst for RHOA.   The story lines has been fairly weak and it may be time for a cast shake up much like RHONY a few seasons back.

 Who should stay? Who should leave?  

I love Sheree Whitfield, and I want her to move into the Chateau, before one or more of the contractors take it from her.  I like her brand of spice, but story line?   Then there is the delicious Cynthia Bailey, of late she has been the sanity island is a bay of crazy but where is her storyline, now that Peters gone?     Porsha (Frack) Williams, baby and with the drama with Kandi in the books after the reunion, what’s next ?Then there is Frick,(Phaedra Parks) her story line has flatlined this season.   Kandi Burress alone is fair, but she has a solid supporting team from her ,Mama Joyce who could morph into Monster Joyce at any time, to her staff and other family members.    Kenya Moore knows how to stay relevant, she seems to be able to create her story line.  I’m not a fan but she holds her own.

Last night we discovered a friendship beginning between Kenya and Sheree who is determined to move into the Chateau even if it bores us to tears and kills her.  The two talked about their relationships Bob and Todd, moving on.

Kandi and Todd are stressed over condition of the Old Lady Gang restaurant before the soft opening with friends and family.   Todd is extra sensitive about the project and stubborn, he seems to reject any help from Kandi and her more than capable staff.  Kandi wants everything on point. She knows how vicious the ladies can be.  Adding another layer of stress is the fact the restaurant is hundred thousand over budget.

Todd, fetches Peter from the airport.  Peter is in town to support the Todd in the soft opening of the OLG restaurant.   They briefly talk about Apollo, who calls them in (evil side eye) in the truck.      In the truck, Apollo tells them of his side chick  (the two seem genuinely surprised) like dude, who is this woman, this one of the guards?   Noooo, this is real live lady.  WHO, he is going to send to the party to support them.   Really?  The woman he calls an upgrade.

After getting the side chick out of the way.  Home Cheese Nida, asked if Peter and Todd had seen his sons?   Todd, kept it real, with Kandi and Phaedra on the outs, he doesn’t see them and isn’t likely to see them until he is released.

Phaedra and Apollo’s divorce

‘It’s been real nasty, you know? When Phaedra came up here to visit me she told me everything was put on hold ’cause maybe deep down inside she might not want a divorce. ‘Then I got served the divorce papers saying she went ahead and proceeded forwards.’   Peter asked him if he felt Phaedra had ‘tricked’ him

‘Hell yeah. You know, they’re trying to rule in her favor. So right now I’m trying to fight that,’ said Apollo as he threatened to fight the whole thing through divorce court.’She has been playing me for who knows how long. I don’t even feel like she really loved me anyway. This is not how you treat someone you love,’ Apollo said.

Peter called her a con-artist.

Cynthia and Peters Divorce

Cynthia tells her daughter Noelle and Kenya her divorce to Peter is final.  There was/is real love between the two.  Cynthia nearly 50 knows she isn’t built for marriage and Peter is heartbroken.   Peter drives by the home they shared and is teary eyed.  At the party Peter is clearly moved and tries to avoid Cynthia.

Frick and Frack

Together they are hilarious.  Phaedra and Porsha.  Kandi invited Phaedra to the soft opening but she preferred to spend her birthday with frack.

Presenting the Side Chick 

The soft opening was a success.  Aunt Nora and Aunt Bertha is there. Missing is Mama Joyce who arrived late with her own bit of shade (but its Mama Joyce) the sisters agreed to wear white shirts and black slacks Joyce came in her own frock saying she didn’t get the memo.  (Shade)

Boom, I’m here,’ she said as she walked in to show support on behalf of Apollo.  The ladies looked at her as if to say, yeah Bitch! Who in the fuck are you?   Kenya, moved, she made a beeline to sit near Todd, so she could hear everything clearly.   On camera Todd said What am I supposed to do with this chick?’ I don’t want any problems.   Homey, you gone have problems with your wife!

Sidebar: The women I know would have tag teamed her ass. There would have been bits of weave throughout the restaurant.  Kandi and Phaedra aren’t cool but they are bonded.

When Sherien (the side chick) sat down with the Kandi. Kandi and Todd wanted to know how long she’s been the side chick?  Basically she wanted to know when this started?  ‘We found love, let’s put it that way’  Saying she and Apollo had been friends for four years.

Kandi then asked her if they ‘became more than friends’ before or after Apollo was jailed.  The side chick (matter of factly said) ‘Wifey wan’t around so I was there more than she was,’  ‘He’s been away for two years. She’s only been there twice,

Sidebar: Couldn’t you see the old lady gang pushing over the tables to give the side chick an old skol whoppin! But the cameras were on.

Now where ever prison Apollo’s in. They a very liberal inmate phone policy. 

Apollo calls, and tells the women he was STILL in process of getting divorced.  Everyone was taken aback.  Kandi said, This Just feels messy.  ‘I always thought you were a cool person but at the same time I feel awkward meeting your girlfriend, even though you are nice,’ 

‘I’m sick of Phaedra’s alternative facts, AKA lies. After she flipped the script on me in Hawaii, I just don’t believe anything she says ever,’ said Kenya.

Next Week is the Finale, Kim Zolciak returns …..

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