Refrigerated Mouse

In the fall we discovered there were mice in our Apartment. There were mice droppings near the front end of the apartment near our pantry.   The front left corner of the apartment was the communal dumping area.

It was the area you dropped food and packages from the long walk into the Apartment.   It was the place where you dropped everything to run to the nearby bathroom.

We planned an three day trip to Los Angeles before the Thanksgiving weekend.  This dinner was special, it would be the first time we would have our families over to our tiny apartment for Thanksgiving.  We bought the fixings before the holiday rush.  Including the stuffing mix, which was causally dropped off in the dumping area.

It occurred to me, with the mice being in the apartment,we might want to relocate the stuffing mix .

LA was fun, we left a day before the Thanksgiving rush we thought we would miss the traffic .  We thought, the six hour drive turned into 13 hours of stop and go traffic to the Bay Area

The plan was to hit the ground running to prepare the Thanksgiving dinner.  My wife went to the kitchen, I could hear the faucet running as she washed her hands.

As I was taking the luggage to the bedroom, my wife let out a bloodcurdling scream.  I dropped everything and ran toward the kitchen.

It seems a mouse had found its way into one of the bags of stuffing mix.


Lets step inside the mind of the mouse

Oh Shit, I should have climbed out when the lights when on.  Don’t move, don’t breathe.  Okay Okay, just calm down. just calm down.   Well, at least I have food, its kinda bland but its food.   I’ll just wait a minute, and get out of dodge.

Damm!  its cold in here, what is this? Where am I?  Its cold, cold, cold, cold, cold. Where is the light.   I wonder what time is it? I bet Tracy is worried?  I bet she thinks I at Stacy’s house?  Oh shit?  Fuck ,I am freezing, what is this place?   I’m tired of this shit.  I could fucking die here.   I just wanna see light.   Light, light, light, light.  The first time I see light I’m outta here, I swear, I don’t’ fucking care anymore!  I don’t care if there is a cat in the light.   I’m out of here!


My wife opened the Refrigerator door and a mouse bounced off her chest. For the next half hour she slapped her breasts.

For the next few days, I was in charge of things in the fridge.

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