The Real Housewives of New York: S9 Ep1 “All About Tom”

Ladies and Gentleman, age appropriate boy and girls, buckle the fuck up!

Luann De Lesseps, Bethenny Frankel, Dorinda Medley, Sonja Morgan,Carole Radziwill and Ramona Singer, the Housewives in New York is ON! Season Nine.

The NYC franchise is the BEST of all the Housewives.   While some of the other franchises #RHOA , #RHONJ are struggling and I’m not sure why #RHOP #RHOD exists. In the last few years #RHONY has out shined them all.

Last night ,they kept it real out the gate, as most of the women haven’t seen each other since the reunion.  Some have stayed in touch as they’re  are some genuine friendships here.  Others are still simmering from the Reunion.   Despite, the dust ups there is a real sense that these women care for each other.

If your looking for wholesome, you’ll need to change the channel, these are real ladies using real language.

All About Tom!

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Last nights season opener limped out the gate. With a lot of talk (yes Ramona, I’m tawking bout you! ) about LuAnn and her fiancee Tom D’agostino.  A lot of season 8 was spent on LuAnn and Tom.  Unfortunately, the Tom and Lu affair overwhelmed the reunion, by part two I was over it.

 Ramona seems obsessed with Tom (they dated a few times) she is allegedly asking around to see if Tom is true. She tells LuAnn “People come to me”  (Reminds me of Mama Joyce on #RHOA “the streets are talking” ) No Bitch, your talking,the streets don’t know you like that!

The ladies seem to want to protect LuAnn.  But they come off as spiteful nosy biddies.      Luann De Lesseps is a smart stunning woman, she understands these ladies care for her and she has also told them to back off, including Ms Singer.

They, need to respect her wishes, and back the fuck up!  There were so many juicy issues missed because of the Tom and Luann affair.   They have a new girl coming to terrorize, she will need remedial therapy, before the reunion.  Hoping for less Tom this season, but my computer says NO!

LuAnn weddings is still on.  The only housewife invited is Dorinda.  Ramona doesn’t understand why she isn’t invited  (say it with me-Duh!)  LuAnn and Tom’s apartment in the sky is SERIOUS!

A new Attitude

Who knew what a Barracuda Ramona Singer was?   Through the years we’ve seen  hints of it, but this women has redefined 50+.  She believed her marriage to Mario was forever, but today it’s like Mario who?   Last night she firmly pressed her refreshed breasts, against her contractor who’s name happens to be Mario.  She has redecorated her upper east side apartment.  This women isn’t looking to get married, she may wanna a steady, but most of all she wants to have fun.    Do it Ramona, Do it!

Sonja Morgan is considering putting her place on the market. Ever evolving Sonja is acting now, we saw her in rehearsal for a play called  Sex Tips for Straight Women From Gay Men.  “I have an international following, so why wouldn’t I do this play?” she said.   Sonja, despite her fabulous multilevel townhouse, Sonja is your basis humble housewife who cleans her sex toys in the dishwasher.  (Pencils Down)

Bethanny came over to see if Sonja would donate some cloths for a group called “Dress for Success” you know professional clothing for interviews.  Sonja had yacht jeans, satin shorts,and sequins. Ya think Sonja ever had a pedestrian job?  Ah, no! What were you thinking of Bethanny.

Speaking of Bethanny Frankel she is selling her apartment, that was held hostage.   Acquired while she was married ( she was married for two years-her divorce took four).  She wants to unload this apartment filled with bad memories.  Going against the advice of her realtor, she sold the apartment for nearly seven million dollars on the first day its was listed.  Stack your kash, SkinnyGirl!

Carole Radizwill is obsessed with the Presidential Elections and knows Hillary will take Trump in a landslide.   She and Adam are still going strong and living together (shacking up). The friendship between Dorinda Medley and Carole hit a bump last season.  The two met in Season 7.  Widowed, the two traveled London together as Carole had to relocated her husbands ashes. During that trip the two formed a close bond.  Dorinda went to Carole to repair the friendship and was successful. back on.

Dorinda is a fav, she pulls no punches.  She’s surprised to learn that two small bottles of water cost four dollars from a hot dog vendor. (memory serves-they normally cost a buck)    She looks him in the eyes, Four dollars?  Four dollar profit!

This is our first review of #RHONY if you like it, tell a friend.

Wait, tell EVERYBODY!

Next week, we get to meet the new girl.

Is she ready for Ramona, Bethanny and Dorinda?

Buckle UP Bitches!

Its all about #RHONY



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