The Real Housewives of Atlanta: S9 Finale “Kim kicks Kenya’s A**

Kim and Kenya argue on The Real Housewives of Atlanta season finale

Its ovah, the #RHOA season 9 finale limped along until Kim Zolciak appears. But I”M gonna save that until last.

Kandi and her 14 year old daughter Riley are sitting in a restaurant waiting for Riley’s dad Block who she hasn’t seen in years.   The scene was uncomfortable, in fact every one was uncomfortable.  Block uncomfortably  tries to start a conversation to a daughter he has disappointed several times.  The parents dissolves into a never ending argument . When Block accuses Kandi of brainwashing Riley against him the real adult, Riley quiets the both of them when Riley tells her dad,  no one brainwashed her!

Phaedra cements her hate for Kandi by showing up at an Attorneys office with Kandi’s former employee Johnny.  The Attorneys plan to help Johnny recover unpaid hours.

Hell or high water, Cynthia is gonna be friend with Peter.  Phaedra unearths Dwight and takes him to the party of the century.  Porsha and Todd the new power couple ( Did he find a job?) went to the party.

This entire episode without the clips may have filled 30 minutes.

Chateau Sheree, is mostly unfinished, there aren’t any appliances.  But we finally get to go inside. What we do see is beautiful with staged furniture.  One has to admire her drive to complete her home on her own.  However, it is rumored she hasn’t moved in.

At the party we see Lisa Wu and Marlo Hampton but the real star was Kim Zolciak.  In ten minutes, she left us wanting more. KIM.

Kenya talks Kandi to go down stairs to the basement under the guise of finding a bathroom.   What they find is an unfinished basement which sends Kenya into a level of ecstasy that Matt has NEVER seen on her face.

Naturally, Sheree was upset.  However, she didn’t need to say a word. Despite all the fighting and wig tugs Kim and Sheree remained close friends.   Sheree was in Kim’s wedding.   Meanwhile, former friends Kandi and Kim hasn’t seen each other in five years.   Kim went after Kenya, her intensity surprised Kenya! Mind your business this isn’t even about you and me. I’m not talking about you,” she said   Kenya went lower than the basement she came up from.  “At least I don’t look like I’ve had five kids, okay.”  Kenya talked about Kim’s body, her employed husband, and  even talked about the woman’s lips.  (Kim does need to step away from the plastic surgeon)   Kim wasn’t fazed  “I got a man at home. A real one,” “Don’t even pull that mutha fucking card with me”  “You want to  BE me!”. Twirl your fucking unhappy ass out. You don’t come into somebody’s house while they’re celebrating moving-in and be an asshole”

Kim had her, but Sheree didn’t want the night to be about the fight.   She defused the fight. She removed the front of her gown to reveal a form fitting jump suit.   Kim was only there 10 minutes she brought life to this episode.    As she was leaving, she hugged her friends goodbye and ignored Kenya.  Kenya, not one to be ignored said “nice to see you Kim”    Kim, “I wasn’t talking to you”  Kenya, “ but I was being polite”  Kim, “I don’t know why you’ll still here”


Sheree, “I’m so glad that Kim showed up and that she checked Kenya because she needed to be checked,” she said. “The girl is miserable. Tonight is my night and there is no where some petty basement bitch is going to ruin my night.”


Atlanta, the number one housewives franchise is in trouble.  They want Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak back.    Somehow they have stretched four hours  of the thinnest  season in ATL history.    But the REAL story is Phaedra.

For a while Kandi has said, off camera Phaedra is much different than on camera Phaedra.  This season they filmed Phaedra whispering. Not sure why, perhaps to raise a sinking storyline, but we see her.   Only Sheree, the bone carrier questioned it.   Rumor in the blogs an on talk radio , the producers and Andy Cohen was over Phaedra during the reunion.

Is she fired, Bravo hasn’t said.  But people I have spoken to says this week.

I still believe, others should follow Phaedra and the entire show should be retooled as New York was.    The results in New York is a more  cohesive show.



See you next week.