SACTOautoPILOT: Is the Filet O’ Fish Fresh?

Two for Five

Not sure if the lady at the Northgate Macdonalds realized she was using her outer voice as she was standing in line.  She really likes, the Filet O’ Fish and thought she would get two of those.  Then she said ooh, “a quarter pounder with cheese”  

SHOWTIME!!!   I want a sprite, no orange, no a LARGE sprite.   I want two Filet O’ Fish , hey when did they bring the fish in?    Huh, said the cashier?  “When did they bring the fish in-is it fresh”  I don’t know, he said.   Okay, then I want one Filet O’ Fish and One Quarter Pounder with cheese.     Using MY inner voice, I wondered why she didn’t ask how fresh the beef was?

The Child of Truth!

A nicely dressed man standing in line at the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, was a bit dingetta. It was badd  Normally, when I encounter a dull breeze, I go to another line.  That wasn’t an option at this store.    Everyone behind him except one women diverted their noses.  A child about four or five squeezed through the line and as he passed the man held his nose and said ooh you stink!