The Real Housewives of New York S9 Ep2: ” Meet The New Housewife, Tinsley”

'The Real Housewives of New York City' Recap: Tinsley's Back in Town

There is nothing like New York,  Beverly Hills come closes, but if you like celebrity, its New York.  The Housewives of New York have the notoriety that Housewives in Atlanta would kill for.  The lives of Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, Carole Radizwill, Dorinda Medley, Bethenny Frankel and the Countess (soon to be ex) Luann de Lesseps are staples in the papers.

The New Housewife, Tinsley

Few people outside New York City, recognize the name Tinsley Mortimer.  Ten years ago, Tinsley was  the “Princess Diana’ of  New York, she was New York’s Socialite.  If  there was any significant event in New York City, she was there front and center. The women had her own signature lipstick shade and had her own Reality show. In short,   She was THE SHIT! 

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Tinsley married her high school sweetheart, who’s great-grandfather was a director of Standard Oil.   She love the limelight and some say the limelight had an negative affect on her marriage, she divorced in 2013.     Tinsley left NYC for Palm Beach Florida, where here life seem to spiral out of control.  Fights, charges of stalking, jail. the picture below is her mug shot courtesy of the Palm Beach Sheriff Department.

Tinsley is back in New York, her goal is to be back on top.  She back in New York, living with Sonja in her townhouse, the two became fast friends at a party years ago.  She staying with Sonja until she can find a place to settle.

 Bethenny Carole and Ramona

Across town, we find Carole and Bethenny getting caught up. Bethenny is in a Cat Suit so I’m assuming this is Halloween. Carole is obsessed with the Presidential Election.  Carole is unashamedly a Hillary girl.  Ramona arrives and the ladies catch up.  Ramona’s pissed at Bethenny, the two stayed in touch until Bethenny found a boyfriend.   Ramona shared the details of her argument with LuAnn over TOM!  Ramona still thinks Tom is a cheater and is no good for LuAnn and LuAnn is tired of it!

Time for Ramona to tell Dorinda about LuAnn (oy vey)

Dorinda invites Ramona to a cryogenics place where Dorinda is subject to freezing temperatures as she works out.   Ramona place in life is to talk about LuAnn and Tom.   “Different strokes for different folks,” Ramona said of Luann and Tom’s relationship. “It’s pretty obvious Luann doesn’t want to know anything about Tom, so I’ll shut the Pandora box.” Dorinda tells Ramona that Sonja had been saying bad things about her.

Sonja’s MAD Hatter Party

Sonja is having a Mad Hatter Party   The party is the perfect place for Tinsley to meet the other housewives.

The party is being held in the afternoon, on a weekday, when regular people work.   Bethanny gives us one….     When she describes the women who throw parties in the afternoons as the “Crusty Vagina Crowd”

Invitees, were told to wear something colorful and a hat.  Ramona arrives early decked out in black, including a thing black scarf to hide her hickeys (the tramp!)   Ramona came to the party with tude.   She pretended not to know Sonja’s neighbor Gigi, a women she’s met more than a billion times.   Remember Sonja and Ramona are tight, so she’s seen the woman,  but played it off as if the women had the problem. (Really Ramona?)

Tinsely seemed excited to meet the ladies, but the ladies…………….

All the ladies were present except Dorinda.  Carole was nice , LuAnn tolerated Tinsely , Bethanny was like oh, okay, (real icy) and Ramona bit into Tinsely hard and asked her about everything. She asked her inappropriate questions about her marriage. Asked her if she regretted not having a child with hubby?”  (Damm woman! you just met her -Run Tinsely Run)  After draining all the blood from the new girl, Ramona invited her out to an event.  Worth it?  We’ll see.

Ramona is on a tear….  She and Carole are arguing politics again.  She tells Carole about her trip to the Hampton’s.   She’s invited Sonja and Dorinda to stay with her the same weekend. But Dorinda done with Sonja and is not staying in the same house.

Ramona was hoping Dorinda would be at the party hoping the two would could work it out, but Dorinda doesn’t want to be in the same zip code as Sonja.(It’s just THAT deep)    So Ramona chose Dorinda over her road dog Sonja.

More Tom

Luann is planning to marry Tom. Bethanny and Carole doesn’t think the marriage is a good idea, however they have for the most part moved on.   Dorinda introduced Luann to Tom.   Ramona and Sonja are obsessed with Tom and Luann.   At the party, Luann and Sonja sat down and Luann asks Sonja to stop trashing her and Dorinda in the press. Sonja tells Luann she’s just looking out for her.   Sonja and Ramona aren’t going to stop!

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Last night shade crown goes to……………….

Sonja’s borrowed butler, Patrick Henry who despite working for Sonja cant stand Ramona.  He spent a few minutes verbally slashing Ramona.

LuAnn (Bless Her Heart) entered the party wearing at hat which could best be described as Bonanza meets Steel Magnolias.   Her dress was this sad floral number.

As Patrick Henry was escorting Bethenny to her car and he managed to get in a dig about Luann’s dress from his favorite designer: Salvation Army.  Bethenny was an instant fan, Mr Henry, has seasoned shade.   Mr Henry, meet your newest pupil, Ms Frankle.


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