Dance Moms,Abby Lee’s Nightmare! Miller Losing Two Jobs Because Of Fraud Prison Sentencing

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Is the former ‘Dance Moms’ star’s career officially over?

Things aren’t going too well for Abby Lee Miller lately. The former star of Dance Moms recently quit the show in a rage via an Instagram post, citing issues with the producers and overall misogyny. She felt she wasn’t being portrayed in a positive light and that she did not have the control she wanted over the dances and her students.

Some have speculated that Abby Lee Miller quit the show over her impending sentencing for fraud. Abby Lee Miller has pleaded guilty to hiding nearly $800,000 of her Dance Moms earnings and may face up to two years in prison. Although most speculate that she will, instead, be given parole, Abby did reveal that she was scared for her physical safety should she have to spend time behind bars.

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