Congratulations San Diego

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San Diego you dodged a bullet.  You could have redirected your cities tax dollars to an entity that wanted money from you virtually giving nothing in return.

A man/corporation who chose money over 56 years of loyalty.

You saw through the smoke and mirrors that city leaders use to convince citizens all over the United States subsidize billionaires just to hear a sport personally mention your cities name.

Pat yourselves on the back in your beauftiful sun kissed city.  San Diego avoided  the fate of many cities, who sipped out of the same bottle of Gatorade leaving citizens financially  obligated for decades to a professional organizations who  turned their backs on loyal fans for green richer pastures.

A Recent Look Back (this could have been you)

 St Louis Missouri

Image result for edward jones dome For nearly 50 years the Rams played a couple of hours north of you in Los Angeles. Profitable, the Rams left the Memorial Coliseum for a newly expanded Angels Stadium in Anaheim.

Los Angeles wouldn’t fund a new stadium for the team and relocated to the open arms of St Louis.

Opened in 1995, the Dome cost 280 million and the Rams received every thing they wanted including 100 luxury boxes.  In the last 20 years forty million dollars was spent in renovations.

St Louis, politicians agreed to a ludicrous lease the required that the Dome was required to be ranked in the top tier of all NFL stadiums through 2015.

This meant the Dome had to have the proper fan amenities and other features found in modern NFL stadiums. If the building wasn’t ranked in the top tier, the Rams were free to break the lease and either relocate without penalty or continue to lease the Dome on a year-to-year basis.

And that’s what happened……..

The Rams were allowed to relocate to Los Angeles  where they will once again play in the Memorial Coliseum until the 2019 season.  The Edward Jones Dome no longer has a tenant and the good people of City of St Louis as well of the Citizens of the Great State of  Missouri are on the hook for one hundred and forty four million dollars.

St Louis Fights Back 

On April 12th,  City of St. Louis and the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority (RSA) to sue the NFL and all of its teams.

The lawsuit, alleges that the NFL and its teams breached their own contractual commitments in how they assessed relocation plans. In doing so, the plaintiffs insist, the NFL defrauded the city and the RSA of over $100 million.
To be clear, the plaintiffs,  are not demanding the return of the Rams to St. Louis. Instead, the city and RSA request that the court award them disgorgement of NFL profits that have been generated by the relocation and impose unspecified punitive damages as well. In other words, St. Louis wants the many millions of dollars that the NFL has gained from relocating the Rams to L.A., plus other money to reflect a stiff punishment for team and league officials allegedly behaving as frauds.

It’s a Damm Shame!

There are cities all over the country victimized by the greed of professional sports.  Cities who paid ransom to billionaires only for those billionaire owners to abandon the cities years later to another city who will pay more.

Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves opened in Downtown Atlanta in 1997.  The owners of the park complained about location, parking.  Turner field is a relatively new field twenty years old.  However, many believed the central issue was the team had no control over the commercial development around the stadium. The trend for newer baseball and football stadiums is to include an Entertainment complex as the new home of the Rams/Charges will have in Inglewood.

The Braves wanted $350 million in improvements. The ballpark cost $220 million to build.  The mayor said Atlanta couldn’t afford the improvements.

Earlier this month the Braves moved into its new home in Cumberland, 10 miles from downtown Atlanta.  The cost is estimated at six hundred and twenty five million. Cobb-Marietta Coliseum & Exhibit Hall Authority issued up to $397 million in bonds for the project.[The county raised $368 million through bonds, $14 million from transportation taxes, and $10 million cash from businesses in the Cumberland Community Improvement District. The taxpayers is paying for the stadium and the Braves are paying for the Entertainment district, a win for the Braves.

The good news for the taxpayers of Atlanta, the existing stadium will not become a white elephant.  Georgia State University will convert the stadium for its football program.

Most cities aren’t as lucky.  From the Astrodome, to the 20,000 seat  Memphis Pyramid Arena currently a Bass Pro Shop.  Other cities have had to reduced school funding and cut other services to pay for Stadiums and Arenas .

San Diego, you dodged a bullet and if your inclined your team is a couple hours up the road.


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