The Real Housewives of New York S9 E3 “Hag Harbor”

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When you talk shit about someone, you need to stand tall and stand behind YOUR shit.  Sonja is still mad about Dorinda”s disinviting her to a tea party at her home in the Berkshires last year.  Sonja has a lot to say about Dorinda, going hard on her on Twitter, calling her a liar!   Sonja is not a person who confronts unless pushed into a corner.  Dorinda says Sonya has a hard on for her (please don’t ask me what that means) and Dorinda says she has one for Sonja (again please!)    Apparently in an Interview, Sonja said, how she doesn’t want to go to Luann’s wedding and then talks trash about Dorinda’s man ,John  (No body talks about JOHN and lives!) and Dorinda has receipts.  Including full color pictures of Sonja on the floor ah-being “doggy styled ” by a strippa !      Its gonna go down, and could be bloody, Dorinda is NOT da one!

Quick Random Stuff

Sonja has a fresh ear in Tinsley. Tinsley listens to the Dorinda Saga, offers good advice. The two sort through Sonja’s panties .  Carole is staying with Bethenny in the Hampton’s for the weekend.  Carole is stressed over the election.  They go to Bethenny’s acupuncturist, while Bethenny is being stuck and cupped. Carole stresses over some fungus on her feet.  Luann, her daughter Victoria and Dorinda goes for a sail on Luann’s boat and talks about Sonja. The three, later have lunch at a Vineyard.

Hello Again! 

Last night was the first time some of the women has seen each other since the reunion.  Its fall of 2016, and the Presidential Elections is a few weeks away.  There are a couple of Trump supporters  (yes in New York) and passionate Hillary supporters who predict gloom and doom should Trump wins.    With the exception of Sonja and Tinsley the new housewife, they meet for Dinner.

Fasten your seat belts tight, for the RAMONACOASTER!

It’s dinner, Carole, Bethanny, Luann and Ramona.   From the moment Ramona sat down she started in on Bethanny.  Still pissed that Bethanny didn’t tell her about adopting two puppies, Biggie and Smalls.

Turn One

Ramona brings up a soft core porn movie Bethenny did when she was young struggling actress in Los Angeles.  The story was in a Tabloid.  Bethenny calmly defends her role in the movie.

Hold on, Sharp Left

Ramona asks Bethenny if people were talking to her six year old daughter about the soft porn movie?   A quick scacastic ,Bethenny says, yes Diane Sawyer was just talking to her.   Ramona then asks if she was going to tell her daughter about it.  Its clear, Ramona has an agenda and Bethenny is on to her ,yet remains clam

Bumpy Section

Ramona, is sharing and talking about the pictures of she and her daughter with the ladies.  Luann says, they’re beautiful.   Bethenny looks at the pictures. “Don’t you think were beautiful? Ramona demands!    She talked about hanging out with her daughter and all of her sorority sisters and says, “They think of me more as a friend than they do a mother.”

Meanwhile on the Platform

Carole and Dorinda are talking about the election and what it will mean if Trump wins.  Ramona is still pissed about the way Carole spoke to her at the tea party and isn’t sure she wants to go to Carole’s election party.

A scary but familiar steep drop!

Ramona goes all in, on Bethenny and brings Luann in for the ride.   She says the friends should be able to be honest with each other and says Bethenny is being nasty.  From the platform, Dorinda tells Bethenny to ignore Ramona but Bethenny is annoyed. Ramona and Luann (who are within inches of Bethenny) continue to talk about her as if she weren’t  sitting at the table.  Bethenny: ” You know, I can hear you?”

Bethenny hits the Emergency Button!

She want’s off the ride.  Its been fun but its time to go!  Ramona and Luann thinks  Bethenny is rude and only wants to talk about herself.  They say she is “wicked” and a “witch” . The witch was done and she walks out on da bitches!

The ride is closed, it wasn’t about this, it was about that.

This isn’t over. While Bethenny doesn’t know where this is all coming from.   Bethenny’s tongue is like a sharp ganzo knife. At full strength it can slice and dice the largest man in seconds.  She can be relentless and mean.  Last year in an EPIC episode, Bethenny ganzo’d Luann in the Berkshires forcing the woman uncharacteristically smoke on TV.   Luann isn’t over it.  Ramona and Bethenny were close, she supported Bethenny through some hard times.  Now Bethenny has boyfriend and there are some hurt feelings.  It’s all gonna take a minute.

Next week, It’s going Down in the Hamptons…




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