11 Ways Weed Affects Your Sex Life

Wouldn’t it have been great if there were 420 ways?



Yes, marijuana is known for its ~mind-altering~ effects, but weed doesn’t stop there. If you’re a person who’s ever toked up and then gotten down, you know weed can have a… noticeable effect on your sex life. Here are 14 ways weed can affect sex, because I couldn’t quite come up with 420.

1. Doing it high once makes you wanna do it high a lot more times. An in-depth, qualitative study from the Archives of Sexual Behavior on how alcohol and weed affect sex found that some couples say crave “more sex after the first sexual episode on marijuana.” Or in other words, they so enjoyed sex on weed that they want to keep having sex on weed.

2. It can get your šŸ˜Ž vagina šŸ˜Ž high. In this, our modern world, weed lube exists. If you’re reading this post, you have probably heard of it. But if not: Welcome. Produced by a company called Foria, the lube is totally legal (if you live in California or Colorado) and contains THC oil ā€” the active ingredient in marijuana that gets you high. One Cosmo writer described the vagina-high feeling as “a mellow high that felt like a warm and very sexual hug.”

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