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The Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 Reunion P2. ” Not a good day for anyone named Phaedra”

Phaedra with a Bullet !

At one time, one would think Andy Cohen liked Phaedra Parks.  What’s not to like, She’s a she’s a Southern Belle, the queen of Southern Shade,where the ladies can deliver shade  with a lace handkerchief.

Last night it seemed he or someone from Bravo said lets get her!  Lets connect and unearth all the lies.And they went there.  From her the first season and to the current season they exposed her lies and I’m afraid they aren’t done.

Porsha’s Anger Management 

Picking up from part one.  Porsha and anger management was she taking classes?  Not answering the question .Porsha accused the other women of still not being able to celebrate her even when she’s trying to better herself.     Last episode, Kandi said, she and Porsha were cool.  Kandi donated five grand to help Porsha on the Celebrity Apprentice.  Porsha screams you donated that money to a charity.   If you donate money, that doesn’t mean you own them!   The facts , both Kandi  and Phaedra donated money to Celebrity Apprentice for Porsha.

Porsha was asked about her physical altercations with Cynthia and Kenya. Porsha says, “At the end of the day” “I apologized to both of them… No, I don’t think they got what they deserved.”  I’m not sure I wouldn’t have apologize to Kenya either with that stupid bullhorn.

Kenya and MATT

If you like me, your soo ovah with these 2!!!!

Maybe if he were smarter, Maaaaybe, if Kenya didn’t have such a lying track record with men…..   Maybe.   Kenya has been making points this season with me and then I’m reminded of Matt.  Home Cheese(MATT), breaks her windows, with his hands (there was blood on the windows) not only does he break her garage door windows but the back window of her Range Rover.   To replace a back window on a dam Kia would cost Five Bills, imagine a Range Rover?  Both those bitches are crazy.   Excuse me, moving on from this silly shit!

Sucks to be Phaedra

Phaedra, who, I say WHO did you piss off at Bravo?

Rumor say, your gone.  But until Bravo say’s your gone,  poof your a housewife.


Phaedra brought a copy of her divorce degree for ANDY to read.   The other housewives say no, Phony……….  (hold on to that for a week or two)

Phaedra Parks is on a reality show, so when she was asked, “Why didn’t you share the details of the divorce with the ladies?” “Because they’re not my friends.”   A reality star who only shares her life with real friends and Porsha.

Who’s Reading Who?

Kenya bites down and hard.  She reads the blogs.   She screams,  She insists the Phaedra is not divorced  because the actual filings purposefully misspelled his name, and he was never notified,”  Phaedra may have blown it when she said, “She doesn’t understand why Apollo is contesting the divorce, after giving him a hundred grand.    Phaedra tells Kenya to worry about her own truth: “We both know the truth is that nobody wants you. You’re like an old condo that they done converted into a town home,”   Kenya shuts her down, saying it was a rehearsed read.

Ooooh, we gotta a chance to see their kids while they were young 

How cute,Image result for mooing on.


In this dry season, I liked seeing Bob Whitfield, Sheree’s ex.   He was light and funny.  I liked seeing them together as there is some chemistry between the two of them.   Bob lightens Sheree, he brings out her softer side.

Its very possible, Bob is in love with Sheree, but sometimes love isn’t enough.

Bob and Sheree married young, while Bob was playing football.  The two physically  fought each other.  The divorce was horrible,and like many divorces, I think it changed Sheree forever.

The bus ride, where Bob joked about not choking Sheree hard enough. Was a life changing event that is forever memorialized on film.  It exposed a secret.  Sheree says, She can’t believe that he talked about it on camera.  “Honestly, I think he forgot where he was. I think he forgot the cameras were there.”  Revealing a secret she held close.

Something happened off camera between Sheree and Kenya.  For a brief moment they were friends, this happened between Sheree and Kim Zolciak, their friendship repaired itself off camera.

Kenya,says she knows something about Sheree and doesn’t reveal what she knows.   NOW, we know if that were Phaedra or Porsha the world would have known.

She told no one.  The story of Sheree’s abuse was something all the ladies could relate to. No’ I’m not suggesting they were all in abusive relationships but most women knows of someone in an abusive relationship    In this moment, emotions shifted from anger and rage to tears and sadness felt by all the ladies.  Her biggest supporter was from her neighbor, Kenya Moore.



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