Sonja tells  Lady D, the only reason she’s been talking to the press is that she’s been doing an off-Broadway show.        Tinsley steps in to help her drowning roommate, but Lady D, is unstoppable.  No one is eating, they are in suspended animation.   Lady, D goes off the rails telling Sonja to  “Fix the toilet in your townhouse!”

Meanwhile, Bethenny running late drives up and calls Carole and hears Lady D screaming on the phone.  Afraid to come in to the mess,  She says she’s like Joe Pesci in Home Alone, hiding outside in her SUV.

Lady D was completely sober, after a few martini’s  Sonja may have been cut (kidding KIDDING)

One of the male guest attempt  to bring an end to this embarrassing fight.  It works for a few seconds.  Carole is making her exit to Bethenny’s ride and tells Ramona, she doesn’t want her to come to her election party.   Ramona is clear that she’s coming even though its clear she doesn’t support Hillary.  Carole doesn’t understand, Ramona is not missing any party.  Carole doesn’t feel like she’s educated enough and doesn’t want her there if she’s voting for Trump.   Ramona is pissed!  She has been disinvited and would NEVER do that to anyone!

Lady D

Delivered the Tag line of the Season!

Brunch with Luann

The ladies visit Luann renovated Hampton digs.  Ramona is still pissed the Carole has uninvited her.   Some how lost in the mind of Ramona is she  just uninvited Sonja to her house, choosing Lady D.

When Tinsley and Sonja walk up to the house, they can hear the ladies talking about them.  But there wasn’t anything negative, Dorinda( Lady D)  said her piece and has move on and said she liked Tinsley.   Dorinda and Sonja hug it out and both act like last night was a distant memory.