The Real Housewives of New York: S9 Ep5 : The Politics of friendship

Oh to relive the 2016 Presidential Election.  Just seeing it again, made me ill.  Please hang in with me this wont be long.

Carole is obsessed with the election.  For the first time we get to see her mother (who knew she had a mother?) who had her when she was 18.   Mom is a bundle of nerves as Carole  drives (few people in New York own cars and driving is rare)  Carole and her mom are driving to Pennsylvania to canvass for Hillary.   By the way, mom doesn’t know Carole has a boyfriend of two years.

Carole has a big election party, old faces new faces, some new faces who knew they were going to be on TV and wore enough makeup to create their own dust storm.  Some of the guests left early as the results came in. Dorinda said, she’s going to bed and hoping this is a bad dream.  It wasn’t, moving on.

Men according to Sonja

Gotta love Sonja, she is a playah.  In her world, there two piles, men you have sex with and men your don’t.   Some you cultivate for marriage and others are for plain old fashion juicy sex.  Sonya is having fun “Frenchy.  Then there is the super nice restaurateur Rocco, whom she likes,  they’re dating this evening.

On the date, Sonja vents about Tinsley.  After all, she irons Tinsley’s pillow cases and thinks Miss Tinsley could be nicer.  Tinsley didn’t get her a birthday card.  Poor Sonja.

Ramona is Turing 60

Ms Singer is entering her sixties with a fresh face. At little lasering.

Dorinda is planing to throw her this elaborate surprise party with all her friends.  She tells Luann she is sending out fake invitations , saying the party for her friend and telling Ramona there going to be a lot of single European men.  She knows her girl Ramona.

Ramona meets Carole to find THAT dress for the celebration.  The two chat about Ramona’s plan for her birthday and Carole is releaved. Thinking Ramona knows about the surprise, spills the beans and then goes into the Ohh Shit panic mode by pretending what she said, didn’t happen!   The GOOD news is Ramona has the attention span of a four year old in a toy shop. Ramona, thinks Bethenny is the reason Carole didn’t invite her to her election party.  Carole says, no, your a Trump supporter and wouldn’t have a good time, but Ramona remains convinced its Bethenny.

Meanwhile, at Sonja’s Townhouse, Tinsley is fully dressed looking like a bridesmaid. As she is waiting for Sonja, she re-reads the invitation and discovers its black dress.

The day of the event Ramona has plans to PAR-TAY and has a date who I will call what’s his name?   Ramona is supposed to wait for Dorinda, who has assembled 250 of Ramona’s nearest and dearest.   But Ramona grows impatient and jumps in a cab.

B4 Tom there was Harry

When the elevator opened in the penthouse, Ramona was floored, she was actually surprised.  So much so, she didn’t remember her dates name.  We know him as George, or poor George.

Before Tom, Luann’s fiancee there was Harry Dubin.  Harry was married to former housewife Aviva Dresser, he and Sonja were off on and off again lovers and at one time Luann and Sonja was seeing him at the same time. although I don’t think he told them.    Now that I think about it, Harry is the second man, Luann and Sonja has shared.   While Sonja still may have feelings for “Tom” she has hatred for Harry, who attempted to go all in for a kiss but Sonja wasn’t feeling it and pulled back.   Harry, took it all in stride, after all he was there with another woman.

Meanwhile, while Ramona was having the time of her life socializing, poor George was on his own.   Everyone was there except Bethenny, who is not feeling Ramona these days and felt it would be hypercritical to her to attend the party.  This wasn’t lost on Ramona.









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