The Real Housewives of New York S9 Ep6 Wishful Invitation

Weird and strange: Ramona Singer called Bethenny Frankel 'really weird' during Wednesday's episode of The Real Housewives Of New York City

Ramona Singer looks sizzling at sixty, however there are many moments when her elevator is stuck between floors.

If your name is Dick!

With the  Skinny/Tipsy girl drama behind them, Bethenny meets Sonja for lunch.  At lunch Bethenny tells Sonja she believes Dorinda is mad at her for not showing up at Ramona’s BIG birthday party.   Bethenny is done with Ramona at the moment and didn’t want to be hypocrite showing up at the party, after all she did go after Bethenny’s six year old daughter.    Sonja’s agrees, in fact unknown to Bethenny, Sonja did have her back at the party when she told Ramona was wrong.  Of course Ramona dismissed it.

The conversation took a delicious turn when Sonja brings up  how many of the Housewives have dated Sonja’s men.   Bethenny say’s ‘ You’re like a curator of cock”- If your name is Dick!, you better be packin”


Five years ago, Dorinda’s husband Richard passed away.  Dorinda planned a tribute at the cemetery.  Attending was her parents, her daughter Hannah (Richard was her step father) and Carole.    Carole a widower, she bonded with Dorinda a few seasons ago.  Hannah gets emotional and we learn Richard is still very present in Dorinda’s life.  Nice…..

Run Tinsley Run!

First things first, I can’t stay in a room full of dolls.  A victim of an over active imagination too many Chucky movies.  Tinsley is still living with Sonja who is acting like her friend slash mother.  Making up weird rules, like no boys and even weirder wants to be included Tinsley social life.  The good news Tinsley gets that its weird.  Sonja’s house water is brown making Brown ice.  Sonja’s actually proud of that, after all it used to be yellow. Tinsley  Baby……. yellow, brown water?  Bring your own water and shower at the YWCA.

Perhaps, Tinsley is likes weird.  She her friend are walking around Manhattan with a dog riding in a remote controlled battery operated Mercedes. bashing into people.

At Carole’s Place

Carole Radziwill, is the ultimate Manhattan women.  She could be a character from “Sex in the City”  She has a small apartment built for one.  Her boyfriend Adam is staying with her.  She tells Bethanny, she is basically kicking him to the curb.  There isn’t trouble in paradise, just not enough room.  After all they have three pets named “Baby.  Bethenny points out, it can’t be a good sign when a couple who’s been together two years wants to move out from their shared dwelling.

Meanwhile, all isn’t well in Bethenny’s world. Ex hubby is still being a bastard, sending her toasty e-mails.   After the successful one day sale of their apartment, Bethanny has the bug and considering selling her current home, with her daughter.


Sorry, I Can’t!

Luaan takes Dorinda and other friends (Not the Housewives) to the bridle shop to see her wedding gown.


No Bitch!

Dorinda likes it nice, she also stirs the pot and talks out of both sides of her mouth.  While she says she wants peace, she says. she wants to everyone to get along uh huh!

Ramona, who is pissed at Bethenny said she wasn’t going to be confrontational. Within mega seconds Ramona, is confronting Luann about not inviting her to the wedding.  Ramona nevah. evah, wants to be left out of a party and is not taking no!

Sometimes Ramona doesn’t have a clue and other times she knows EXACTLY what she ‘s doing.

Ramona, once dated Tom. Sonja has had several booty calls with him through the years and Luann is marrying him.   Ramona seems beyond obsessed with Luann’s man.   While all the other Housewives have moved on, Ramona is invested in Luann’s life!   She tells Luann, she has her tickets to wherever the wedding is being held.   Ramona goes on to say. “all her friends have been taking bets on whether the wedding would ever actually happen” And you ask why you’re not invited,’ Luann said.

Bethenny and Luann aren’t cool. But Bethenny who was in freedom land.  Defends Luann says ‘I don’t blame you,’  Luann.says “Now you’re doubly not invited,”   Phony Ramona, rolls over an kisses Luann on the cheek and says’ she happy for Luann!   uh the fuck huh.

Out of Freedom Land. Ramona turns her gaze to Bethenny.  Who really didn’t want to chat with Ramona and her world famous Singer stinger and was gonna follow Luann and just leave, but Ramona has some wine in her and it was NOT gonna happen.

“With your girlfriends we all have situations that are good, but sometimes when it’s a bad time in their lives, do you like to be there for them?” Ramona asks.   Bethanny tries to shut her down, but its too late!

“You can’t even have a conversation,” she slurs. “I’m very disappointed in you in so many ways. I was there for you every day when you were sick.”  Bethenny comes back  “I was there for you during your divorce to Mario”  but Ramona wasn’t feeling it.  Neither was Bethanny, and as Bethanny was leaving Ramona let the world know!

The wine had kicked in and Ramona grabs an innocent Carole (who was minding her own damm business) with Ramona proclaiming Carole having  “the biggest heart in the world”   Carole broke free and made her exit.

Something is wrong, WRONG with Ramona and I love it!

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