The Real Housewives of New York: S9 EP8 “Return of the Bizerkshires

Group discussion: Dorinda listened as the ladies shared their concerns about Tom

Its early in the Berkshires and no one has been called a bitch, whore, or Fuck Face, but its early.

 I’m starting to like the trek to Dorinda’s house in the Berkshires.  Last year visit was an EPIC shit show.   If you haven’t seen it, see it!  Bethenny rode Luann like a cowboy riding a bull . Called her every name, twice!   Unfortunately for Lu, once again she is the star attraction.

This year Dorinda has a plan.  Instead of arriving at tame time, one group arrives a day ahead of the other groups  I’ll come back to this.

Really? “Bravo’ Really?

Bethenny and Million Dollar Listing star Frederick will have a spinoff  about Real Estate in New York. Bethenny is selling her apartment.   Frederick is the salesman THE END!

Carole, the parents and Ramona goes downtown

In the land of weird sightings .  Carole goes shopping with bf Adam’s parents.   Weird?  Carole is closer in age to Adams parents ( I promise, I’m not throwing shade) . She tells us how great she is with parents and parents love her.   I don’t think Carole’s mom has met Adam.  He may be good with parents too.

(I’m throwing Shade here)  Ramona is a super snob.  She bathes in her snobbery.  If its not the upper East Side or the Hampton’s, she’ll take offence.   A few years ago she escaped Pennsylvania by private plane, she probably found the clean air offensive.

So why would she go downtown to visit Carole.  why ? And not  be offended sitting on that ripped sofa.  I’m thinking Carole’s goal is to live alone and to become a cat lady.  Why would Ramona Singer travel downtown?   Oh yes, to talk shit about Tom. Ramona,tells Carole about her friend “Ann” who apparently was groped or almost groped by Tom recently. Meanwhile Carole tells Ramona that a friend of Luann’s insinuated that the Countess is having doubts about Tom.

Tinsley’s Ashy Momma

There are certain things that makes you pause.  Tinsley’s momma “Dale”‘ in town, so his her dad.  Her mom tells Tinsley to say hello to her dad.   Did I mention her dad is dead and is in a box, that Dale carries around.    Apparently dad is rarely left alone. I bet she ‘s a hoot at cocktail parties. “Say hello to my former husband” Mommy ashy, wants Tinsely to date, someone about 50.   We wont tell Dale, Tinsley was  just french sucking nachos out of the mouth of an early twenty something last week. Dale is a southern women with southern hair. She wants grand babies stat.  She wants Tins to be gracious to Sonja for sharing her home.

Back to the Main Event “The Berkshires”

Dorinda is gangsta about Christmas

Dorinda Invites the ladies over in groups. First night is Ramona and Sonja, with Tinsley arriving a little later.  There is never too much about Christmas, this is Dorinda’s Holiday,  and she wants things done of certain way or she will go gangsta on your ass as the ladies learned when they were just going to throw lights on the Christmas tress.    Dorinda will cut a bitch for doing it wrong.   Sonja said ‘Can’t she just have a lady throw the stuff on and then she plugs it in?” 

Three Blondes and a fire

Perhaps she’s is keep her home cool for Christmas or maybe’s she cheap.  The ladies are attempting to start a fire.  Sonja is my go to girl for humor.   As  Ramona and Tinsely are crumpling of news papers to start a fire, Sonja opens up a newspaper and says “Ooh look-There a sale.

Two Blondes and Connor 

There’s drama in the East Side Townhouse so the Berkshires is the perfect place for Sonja and Tinsley to have an argument that should have stayed in New York .   Sonja went to the deep end about her assistant Connor over Connor signing for a delivery of some hats for Tinsley.   Hats? Sonja has some serious issues with Tinsley.  Tins had more freedom in Jail.

The next group to arrive is Carole and Bethenny.   Bethenny seems to be laying low however  there is more talk about TOM.

TOM, TOM, TOM!!  Fucking TOM! 

Luann is the last to arrive and frankly after last year, it would be completely understandable if she’d past of the Berkshires, but she’s on a reality show.  Unlike last year Dorinda is in complete control.  She decides to talk with Luann about Tom.

Apparently nearly everyone has heard something about Tom. One lady actually tried to stop Bravo from airing last weeks episode after her on camera slip about Tom.

The Rumor mills is on overdrive about Tom’s dalliances with women  and despite the information, Luann is determined to marry him.

Luann has told the women to back off and that she is very, very ,very ,very ,very Happy!  However the ladies are determined to rescue Luann.   The single voice of reason is  Sonja Tremont Morgan who has fucked Tom (booty call central) said leave Luann alone.   However, it looks they’re not gonna leave Lu alone.  Ramona who seems to be whacked out this season is leading the charge. As we go into part two of the Berkshires.

See ya next week


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