She Warned them She wanted her Fries Fresh and Hot!

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In “The Devil Wears Prada”  Miranda Priestly demanded that her Starbucks be hot SEARING hot.

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota’s own Eiram Chanel Amir Dixson  feels that way about her fries.  She wants them FRESH and HOT !  There will be NO PROBLEM as long as she gets her fries her way.

Well dammit!  There was a break down in communication last Thursday at the Wendy’s drive through in nearby Coon Rapids.

 M’s Dixon didn’t receive hot and fresh fries.


It wasn’t pretty after that!  Ms Dixson got out of her car and told the Wendy’s employees what she thought!  At one point she allegedly started to reach through the drive thru window. and an employee threw a soda at her.

NO THEY DIDN’T ! Ms Dixson went from 350 to 550! 

The Wendy employees said she returned to her car and grabbed her Mace and started spraying it through the drive thru window.

3 Bonus Points

Ms Dixson lazer focused aim earned her three bonus points this round.  She was charged with a felony and  could receive five years in the joint, plus a fine of ten grand.    As she hit the manager who was standing in the window and two other employees with the Mace.

All over hot fries!