The Real Housewives of New York: S9 ep10 Delusions and Denial in the Berkshires


Love it when a plan comes together.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again.    The New York ladies are the best in Bravo’s franchise, with Beverly Hills being a distant second.

Last night,was our second night in Dorinda’s house in Berkshires.  Someone tweeted last night the Dorinda Berkshire house should be a mandatory stop every season.

“Fucking Tom”

With two weeks before the wedding, all eyes are on Luann. It seems everyone (except the new girl Tinsley) has a story about Tom’s infidelity.   Last year Bethanny had major receipts, pictures of Tom making out with a woman in “The Regency”.  A place he makes out with various women, including Luann.

Image result for the regency hotel nycThis is Tom’s place. if you want a tongue and roll this is the place in NYC.

The ladies seem to genuinely care about Luann’s happiness.  When Bethanny asks her “What if other pictures of Tom with another woman came out again?  Luann said “That would never happen again” she forgave him and moved on.    A key word ,(move on) the ladies should move on.  They are going to get married!   Ramona should move on, she is by far the most obsessed with Tom and all his cummings and goings.

“Bethenny’s Break”

By all accounts this should be Bethenny’s year.  The Skinnygirl’s  four year never ending divorce is over.  She recently sold her Apartment for big money and she has stacks of cash.  But its been anything but, and she keeps her private life under wraps from everyone except Carole.

Carole tells a few of the ladies the stress Bethenny’s under.  Not only has Jason has been  harassing her, he’s harassed her current boyfriend Dennis and while she thought her life would be better it has gotten worse.

Earlier in the evening Bethennyapologized to Luann for going off on her last year. (IT WAS EPIC)  She told Luann , She had the thickest skin of anyone I know.  She apologized for last year, which we don’t need to revisit.  I genuinely do.  I think about that night, I really don’t like myself like that” she said.   Thank you, I appreciate that. Luann said It was ugly,I want this to be a fun night. 

Bethenny shares some details of her divorce with ex Jason Hoppy.  Luann seems a bit insensitive as she goes on about following her gut marring Tom D’Agostino.   Bethenny tell her, her heart and instinct got her in the fucking toilet bowl.  The worst situation of my entire life.  I’m literally in a dungeon torture changer and that’s is because  I just went with my heart and my gut.

Bethenny in tears, tells Luann I think your making a big mistake.  I really do,  I swear to god on my life, I really think you’re making a big mistake.  In my heart I feel like your making a big mistake.   Because I think he’s cheating on you and I don’t want to see it.   I know you want the fantasy.   I’m not crying about you, I’m crying about my own life! 

Dorinda, Ramona and everyone else

Tinsley and roomie Sonja are a little bit tense, Sonja has been especially weird to Tinsely and has made her life a little bizarre.   Its clear for the sake of their friendship Tinsley needs her own place stat and she may have found a place in Carole’s building.

Ramona and Sonja goes upstairs to get gussied up and to have a few drinks.

Dorinda goes all out and cooks a chicken dinner with all the fixings.  At the table, Carole almost tells people how chickens are killed.  Meanwhile Ramona, who might have had to many drinks spills something on Dorinda chairs.     She apologizes over and over to Dorinda.

Ramona is weird tonight.  Dorinda called her “jittery:  Carole says “I don’t know what going on with Ramona, She acting crazier than normal and her normal is pretty crazy.  Sonja tells her to calm down, Don’t show your crazy side.  They know how Bethenny is with crazy, But they’re all too late.

At one point Ramona,creeps up on Bethenny, who is not feeling her.  ( I’m like Bethenny, I don’t have patience with drunks or what ever she was on.)    Bethanny is clearly over Ramona, but a juiced up Ramona tries to apologize over the things she said in the Hampton’s.    Bethenny called it a creepy, the over the shoulder ,wine breath apology and  it came out of nowhere apology.

When they tried to rehash all the drama, things went south.

Next week its A Weird Ramona verses a Emotional Bethenny in the Berkshires

Lets hope Dorinda makes it nice!

Shade of the Evening Award

Goes to Dorinda

“Money talks, wealth whispers, bad behavior screams.”

Directed at Ramona



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  1. Can you cityfella tell me why Bethenny is on this show. She’s a mean self righteous bitch! She alienates the women on this show and I think Ramona was right to stand up too her


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