The Real Housewives of New York S9 Ep10 “Black Out and Get Out”

Day Three at Dorinda’s house in the Berkshires. While she is a good host her home seems to be the place for blow outs classic fights.

“Ramona in Full Effect”

We begin the evening where left off last week with Ramona going off on Bethenny.   Ramona and Bethenny grew close last season and Ramona is that consistent friend who checks up on you.  She brings your soup when your sick and sits with you after a break up and she was there for Bethenny.

Bethenny is not that girl. While she cares about her friends she doesn’t share Ramona’s intensity.  She has a lot going on and Ramona is feeling abandoned.  When Bethenny tells Ramona she hasn’t been a good friend, Ramona loses her shit and goes dark and low.   She brings up Bethenny’s soft porn past and talks about a sex scene on a waterbed?  (that was new?).  With her wine kicking in, she accuses Bethenny of sleeping her way to the top.  Ramona, did Bethenny sleep with herself?  She is Skinnygirl!  Then Ramona shifts emotional gears and starts sobbing about her marriage.

Bethenny leaves the room. Ms Karma is a mutha!  This time last year, Bethenny was riding Luann like a bronco bull.   Ramona heads into the kitchen and tells Sonja what happened.  Bethenny talks to Carole. Despite her anger, Ramona hopes all this will blow over.   Put a fork in Bethenny, she is done with Ramona.


                Starring those delightful housewives             

 “Sonja and Tinsley”  

Tinsley was missing in action last night and didn’t reappear until the next morning, in fact she missed all the action between Ramona and Bethenny.  Apparently some cold medicine knocked her out.  Thank god. she had Dorinda to give her the blow by blow report.  Dorinda also tells her she found Sonja asleep at the dinner table and took her up to bed.  Sonja and Tinsley goes into round two of Tinsley using Sonja’s intern Conner. Its clear that Tinsley needs to get out of Sonja house.  Sonja is being weird and have all these strange rules for Tinsley.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

    Get OUT! 

Its breakfast time. Bethenny and Carole are gone.  Ramona comes downstairs and seems embarrassed from the night before. Instead of apologizing, she tells Dorinda she was just upset about how Bethenny treated her and John.   Dorinda is a gangsta and she tells Ramona she was equally terrible to her and John.  It like, now go and it yo ass down!  “Dont fuck with Lady D!”     Luann strolls into the kitchen wearing some shiny shirt saying  “Mrs. D’Agostino To be.  Its like really?   However, Luann is the only lady in the house who is willing to lend a hand as she volunteers to make eggs for ladies.

Speaking of ladies, (Not!) Sonja wakes her from whatever! …..and goes through Dorinda’s shit and puts on a pair of pajamas.  These weren’t any old pajamas, unworn pajamas bought for Dorinda by her last husband.


Everyone gone.  Dorinda checks the rooms. Apparently no one makes a bed or anything.  When she gets to Ramona’s room, she finds the light fixtures are ripped off he walls and the walls are scratched. Dorinda needs to find Ramona and beat her ass!  Who does that?

                                                                                                                                                 Back in New York City

Bethenny is freaking after finding a moth in her giant closet and grills her assistant. It seems she spent ten grand to de-moth (is that a word?) her closet.

There is a apartment available in Carole’s building and Tinsley checks it out.  Tinsley hems and haws and says the downtown apartment is far from the East Side where she gets her blowouts and other stuff.   Really? Tins… could it be he $7 grand a month they want for that small one bath apartment.   What is it, that you do again? Ain’t nobody seen you got to work!  Just sayin!

The Return of Jill and Bobby Zarin

The Owners of New York’s, Zarin Fabrics.  Many years ago I visited the store and saw her, I planned to ask her to take a picture, but wussed out.

Luann and TOM are having a pre wedding dinner with Dorinda.   Jill was one of the original RHONY housewives and she is still delightfully messy.  She and Luann remain friends through the years  and she along with Dorinda and her husband Bobby will be attending the wedding.   Meanwhile we did get to hear from TOM.  TOM said, Ramona IS calling people about his goings on.  At the dinner Jill,admitted missing the gossip. Although, I know she is out some where involved in someones gossip.   When the topic of Ramona came up, Jill said she’s unhappy and lovely and wants everyone to feel the same way.

Carole is a little firecracker, she invites everyone to an art opening where her NUDE portrait is one of the major pieces.  HELLO CAROLE!  Ramona is there and Bethenny is avoiding her.   Ramona has convinced herself she was in the right and that’s Ramona.

Meanwhile,  Luann and Tom are off to Florida to get murried. (corrected spelling)

This has been a good season so far…..and the rest of the season looks promising.



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