The Real Housewives of New York S9 Ep11 “The Countess and Tom”


Bride and groom: Luann D'Agostino and Tom got married on Wednesday's episode of The Real Housewives Of New York City

Its winter in New York.  Countess Luann De Lesseps is in Palm Beach with Tom D’Agostino getting married.  The only New York Housewives invited are Jill Zarin from season one and  Dorinda who booked her room but not her flight. Dorinda, a bridesmaid,  showed up late to the bridal prep party.

Luann didn’t allow Bravo’s cameras to her wedding.  I think that was a first.

Its a weird universe in New York ,when Sonja Morgan is the sensible one. or is she?  Ramona, is in a state of loony tunes seeking the wisdom of young ladies who just come of age..

Last night we begin an Morgan Manor.  Her young booty call, Frenchie is not only staying for breakfast he’s cooking it.   He’s getting the Manor’s routine down, he even knows that Sonja is dating Rocco and he’s cool with that.   As the days progress, Edgar (Frenchie) belongings are slowly moving in.  Speaking of moving, he has “ideas’ and wants to move Sonja’s furnishings around and who knows maybe they will just adopt children.  Frenchie (Edgar) is bum, with a decent haircut.  The question is how long will he stay before Sonja catches on?

Carole let it be known, she isn’t the pick of your shorts kinda girl and seems relieved Adam has found a place and has moved out of her apartment.

Bethenny has holiday party.  Ramona is banned  and everyone else is there excepts Mr’s D’ Agostino.  Dorinda is still rightfully pissed about Ramona fucking up her room in the Berkshires and I think Dorinda is still waiting for that all purpose apology.   At every party Bethenny’s products are front and center

Weeks past and Dorinda and Ramona are okay enough to chat.

Mr and Mrs D’ Agostino has a second reception for those in New York who weren’t invited to her wedding in Palm Beach.  Everyone is there, Bethenny without Dennis, Carole without Adam.  Tinsely is there with her pre-schooler. Ramoma has a man named Jim and Dorinda is without John.   Frenchie (Edgar) is there wearing a jacket one size too small. Sonya jokes about how she usually never lets Frenchie out of the bedroom (the male version of look what I got bitches) . Dorinda nearly loses it when she learns Frenchie has moved in.

Things are blissful for the D’Agostinos….

Next week we get to watch Luann keep it together when Missy appears . Tom knows her from the world famous Regency where he kisses all his women.  Tom knows her, but Luann doesn’t.

  I am being messy?  Yes Yes Yes.

See ya next week with two olives





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