The Real Housewives of New York S9 Ep12: When Tom met Harry met Missy Again

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Last nights episode started s-l-o-w-l-y and if you could hang on you were rewarded.

I’m gonna quickly dispense with the sludge so we can get to the biscuits and gravy juicy part.

Tinsley and Carole went to some event and they were mentioned in “The Post”  Carole suggests she should change her looks and natural hair color.  Frenchie da bum has snowed Sonja . She believes the french cheese has hotels and restaurants and yet he stays with her and her brown water and walks in on her when she is on the toilet.   French cheese suggests walkie talkies.   Sonja confesses to Rocco (who has REAL bucks) the booty call became a roommate.

Tinsley and Mom (Dale) are looking for apartments , which rent for nine grand a month.  Tins, has a micro attack and has a Job (ta da) and savings .  Carole and Dorinda keep it nice and participates in Woman March in DC.  Bethenny says she paid 40 grand for an ugly ass bar that look like it came from a Big Lots clearance sale.  Frederick says the piece of shit has to go.   My guess is,so they wont have to mark down the price of the apartment.

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There is nearly 10 million people living in Manhattan.  However, our lovely housewives seem to know only two men in Manhattan. Harry (the touch) Dubin and ‘TOM” ( I just love the Regency) D’ Agostino. 

A quick review.  Harry (the touch) dated Sonja, Luann, and was married to Aviva Drescher #rhony housewife (seasons 5 and 6) and possibly dated Kelly Bensimon.  Tom (I just love the Regency) dated Sonja, Ramona and married Luann

Ramona, has redecorated her huge upper east side apartment and throws a party with some of your favorites.  Ramona is has her hair up in a tight pony tail and done up in a tight dress.

 Harry has a nose for fresh meat . Hello Tinsley, the touch, fingers the cross on Tinsley’s chest. Tins has to even keep Harry from going after mama “Dale” . It’s clear Tins is not a fan of Harry, ‘she said she knew Harry when he was hanging out with Kelly Bensimon.  Are there other housewives in Harry’s past?

Ramona is a messy one and I like the messy Ramona who seems to know a lot of people.

Yall remember, Missy?

She wasn’t not pleased when she was filmed talking about Tom and Luann a few episodes ago.    Tom and Luann was making out in the Regency when Tom was supposed to be her man!

What sucks for Missy is at one point she is standing between Tom and Harry.   Tom tells her, he is getting used to wearing a wedding ring, it’s like a dog with a collar.    Harry is being uber messy!  He wants to tea from Missy in front of Tom and Luann, so he dragged YOU into the bathroom at the Regency?  Missy: I don’t know?   Harry:he did and you kissed him back ?   Missy is freaking, like please leave me alone.

Sonja has Luann’s back, trying to change the conversation.  Its clear  she’s not a fan of Missy either!  Luann is smiling like a pageant queen (bet the face hurt) . Harry turns his sights onto Sonja and at first chance, Missy is out of there walking with “Intention” GET ME DA FUCK OUTTA HERE.

Messy must be contagious.  Sonja is looking at Ramona’s stuff and talking about how cheap everything is in Ramona’s apartment.(Nothing like a close friend,RIGHT!) Someone breaks something in the apartment, Ramona screams oh shit, and Sonja SAYS it is okay because it only cost $12.99.

It started off slow, but at the end, this was da shit!


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