The Real Housewives of New York: S9 Ep13 Introducing LADY’M Da Gangsta from the Upper East Side

New catchphrase: The argument climaxed with Dorinda yelling 'Clip!' at Dorinda

New York keeps raising the bar for housewives, yes there is drama, but there is humor, and from time to time it can be touching, now that I’ve got that out of the way.

Dorinda Medley, must have a black or latin freinds in New York.  CAUSE, Dorinda is a GANGSTA , her tone,her mannerisms etc are not from the NY ladies bridge club.  This is the year of Dorinda Medley or by her new name “LadyM” , yes I’m going there.    Her tag lines are  growing by the episode.  From “Not very well Bitch” to last night’s “CLIP” which sent Twitter on Fiya!  and yes “she keeps it nice.”


This scene takes place in the Bronx. Bethenny invites every one except Ramona to an Italian Restaurant .   These are Manhattan women, who rarely leave the Island except for trips up to the Hampton’s, so this was quite a field trip.   If you’ve watched the video, I don’t need to say more here, other than some near sided man tells Carole she looks like Ivanka Trump.  CLIP!

We get to see Tinsley in therapy.  (wake us up, b4 u go go)

Luann, Ramona and Sonja  have lunch and talk about Bethennys ski trip to Vermont. Our resident snob-o-saurus Ramona dissed Vermont, she only ski’s in Aspen.  They tawk about how close Dorinda and Luann are.  Sonja pisses Luann about how they both slept with Luann’s hubby.  Luann ain’t feeling it and leaves.

Room BS in Vermont

Bethenny rents a seriously nice log cabin.  Ramona on the road with Sonja and Tinsley. Ramona tries to make up with Bethenny via text, Bethenny isn’t feeling it.  Lady ‘M arrives and realizes she has left all her luggage in Manhattan.   Lady”M admits to Carole, she had lil quickie with Dry Cleaning John.  Perhaps that’s why her luggage is in NY.                (lets hope there’s a Wal Mart nearby)

Ramona, Sonja and Tinsely arrive and Ramona already has attitude.  She have NEVAH spent five hours in a car.   After trying to make up with Bethenny, Ramona shades Bethenny’s  brand “Skinnygirl” saying she prefers something really good.

Ramona and Sonja has a vacation routine of running round the various rooms to see if they can get the best room.   They want Dorinda’s room but 000 the “chutzpah” awards goes to  Mrs Luann D’Agostino who was miffed because the ladies should have given her the Big Bedroom as a wedding present.  Cause she is sleeping in tIhe basement, next to the ping pong table with a shared bath.    The basement location seems Seems fitting, when you consider, she only invited Dorina to her wedding.

Bitch!  Have you seen this show?

At dinner, Tinsley freaks with tears .  EVERYBODY, is pressuring her to move out of Sonja’s house, in her daughters bedroom with the dolls and get a life!  Hey, your 41!

Poor Tins, she just cant take the pressure and Bethenny is like, get over it bitch!

Tinsely says, “Well, at least your breakup wasn’t public!  Where has Tinsley been?   I’m surprised all the ladies didn’t jump on her and beat her ass. .   All of there lives are in the press.  Ramona’s, Luann. Carole’s , Sonja  and Dorinda’s.   Bethenny’s is in the press as of today.

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