The Real Housewives of New York S9 Ep15 :Sonja Morgan doesn’t want have a Don King….

There are times I question why Sonja Morgan is relevant. She is at times a rumble fumble ball of confusion and delusion.  Then for a brief moment she reminds me why she is here.  She is charming, fun, and sexy. The only time she’s troubling is when the women crowd her attempting to make her relevant, as most except her for what she is which is genuinely sweet.

Last night we find Sonja on the table with her goodies blurred .  She in a salon called Romeo and Juliette to get a southern trim.  We learn that she thinks she’s allergic to Harry Dubin’s sperm.   Our wonderful Sonja is perfectly relaxed when she says ” I don’t want to be the only one who has a Don King down there”  Can you say DEAD!   That’s our Sonja.   She describes her pubic hair as a “pretty auburn blond-like a Madison Avenue blond.        ”Sonja want the world to know that,while she’s active, her southern hair is soft and that her bush is pigment free. Confirmed by the Doctor and the technician.   Fans can imagine her using the best hair conditioner in New York for her bush AND asking her suitor, “isn’t it soft?”   She tells the technician ,playing with a mans balls is like holding a baby hamster.  As the scene ends. she say’s I have the most buffed, puffed pussy there is,”   DEAD again, bring paddles!


Bethenny is puling out all the stops for the trip to Mexico, and based on what she did in Vermont, this is going to be SERIOUS!

Everyone is Jazzed for the trip, however there is one nagging problem.   Bethenny has not officially invited Ramona.   Bethenny is hoping Ramona will come with Luann who is arriving later.  Bethenny has concerns that at one point during this well planned trip Ramona could fuck it up.  Meanwhile, Sonja and Ramona are traveling buddies, she loves Ramona, but thinks Ramona is wrong.

Ramona has been more than a loose cannon, this chick has lost her mind!   She’s on track for a minute then loses her way.  She apologizes and within seconds she crashes and burns.  Last week, she apologized to Bethenny via text and as soon as she arrives she tells people she doesn’t want any of Bethenny’s SkinnyGirl alcohol, she wants the good stuff.

LadyM, is on the phone with Luann, saying when Mary Tyler Moore threw her hat in the air that what made her want to move to the big city.   Perhaps there is a new Minneapolis neighborhood in  Manhattan.  Meanwhile we seen the former Countess Luann fingering this clunky Jewelry, someone cleaned out Woolworth’s before they closed.

Dinnah Tyme

I find it interesting how all these women can talk about each other, sitting at the same small table.  Bethenny is talking to another housewife about Ramona and Mexico who is sitting next to her.

Ready, Set, Fight!    Ramona tells Bethenny they are like “oil and vinegar.” Bethenny corrects her and says that oil and vinegar go together and she meant they are like “oil and water.” But Ramona insists that she was right!

Someone should kill the other one, so we can move on.

They’re rehashing the same ole shit.  There are problems on both sides but Ramona, keeps taking it up a notch with her hysterics.     Bethenny says she doesn’t want her to come.  (she is now, very clear BITCH, I’M NOT INVITING YOUR STUPID ASS!)

Ramona, defies her (very Jennifer Holiday Dreamgirls style) “I’m going, its a GROUP trip!”

Sidebar:  As much as I agree with Bethenny. Cause Ramona, needs electro shock therapy. This is a Bravo Production.   Perhaps that’s why Ramona was so Bold.    Bethenny has enough cash on hand to hire the biggest, widest, security team Mexico has ever seen.  The decision is Bravo’s to make.   So expect to see the RamonaCoaster. 

Carole, Tinsely and the Bear

Tinsley, is Carole’s project.   Carole is very smart and Tinsley should take Carole’s advise.  She may have been the toast of New York, but she is stuck looking a little Charo (look her up Millennials) in desperate need of update.

Charo was my B example, I wanted to say Baby Jane. But that would have been MEAN! 

Carole has set her up with a nice looking successful man.  Who unlike her first man, doesn’t ride a Big Wheel to school.   Carole calls Scott a bear.  Tinsely approves!

A double date, Carole (despite their difference in age, look good together) and Adam, Scott and Tinsely.

Carole is on point, they are a match.  Scott is cool down to earth with a nice smile.  He clearly likes her, even though she’s a bad date!   Not just a bad date!    Tinsely likes him, in addition to her ugly clothes she drinks too much asked him few questions about himself and WORSE!  She goes into detail about her ex.    Scott smiles through it.   Good job Carole.

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