“ME” 2017

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“I’m the greatest president EVER”  “I know more than the Pope and almost as much as God”  ” I watch myself of TV because I like to hear the haters lie about my accomplishments.”  ” I don’t watch Morning Joe (that slug) he is just a failed politician, I hate how he looks without his glasses, like this morning, I’ve heard”  The fake news (all of its fake-except Sean Hannity) says I’m disloyal, this is wrong-I tell ya, I am loyal to people who are loyal to me.  Just this morning I was talking to my favorite son Jared ( I meant to say) my favorite Son in Law (its just like the fake news to hear it wrong) and I’m loyal to everyone except my son Eric (for reasons he knows) and Jeff Sessions who more loyal to the country then to me!  I hope the little bitch catches a brick, it would be tremendous!

Sean Spicer Agrees with 45



Gonna Miss Spicy