The Real Housewives of New York S9 Ep17 Tequlia Thon

Branded helmets: Bethenny took the crew to Tequila, Mexico to check out a distillery for her Skinnygirl Cocktails

The other Housewives franchises have to step up their game.  New Yawk is on a roll.  This  is the second episode in Mexico and I haven’t fully recovered from the first last episode picturing the former Countess Luann author of “Class with the Countess: How to Live with Elegance and Flair”*drunk off her ass in the bushes with one leg up in the air.  Then falling again off the stairs crashing to the ground in good humor.

We learned last night, despite her falls, she was unscathed.  Not a scratch or band-aid was needed, and she didn’t complain about her hangover.  Luann was cool looking forward to her next adventure.


Tins is Pissed!

These are excerpts from February 18 2017 New York Post Story (PageSix Exclusive)

Tinsley Mortimer is off to a bad start on ‘Housewives’

We’re told that the Tins has raised the ire of her fellow “Housewives” by failing to live up their lofty standards of proper etiquette.

In particular, the erstwhile queen of high society has offended the group by accepting longtime cast member Sonja Morgan’s hospitality — Mortimer has been staying with Morgan while filming the show — without coughing up a gift.

“If you’re a socialite — never mind a ‘socialite,’ if you’re a human — if you’re a guest at someone’s home, you buy them a bottle of wine, or at least a card,” said a source familiar with the brouhaha.

We’re told that Ramona Singer has boldly taken the matter in hand and confronted Mortimer — who was once married to Topper Mortimer and was arrested for trespassing in Palm Beach last year during a dispute with her ex-boyfriend Nico Fanjul — about the faux pas.

Meanwhile, we’re told that her presence on the show has yet to bring the new blush of energy to the action as had been hoped by its producers.


Tinsley is pissed, this isn’t the headlines she wanted. Sonja is sort of denying leaking the story to Page Six.  No one but Sonja leaked the story, but she wont own it.  Tinsley announces at the Table she is moving to a hotel.   Bethenny says none of the arguments are ever resolved.  “It like a circle Jerk”  Carole decides to define the term Circle Jerk to some of the ladies. Something about men cumming in women’s faces.  ( You cant make this shit up!)  Pass the cheese.

It’s the day before the big event.  Bethenny is clear she doesn’t want Ramona to go.  Ramona is very unpredictable and could  embarrass Bethenny.   Meanwhile Ramona who doesn’t want to be left out of everything.  Has a plan of her own.

She decides to crawl up Bethenny’s ass.!  This isn’t lost on the other housewives . Lady M (Dorinda) is disgusted  by the ass kissing and just wants Ramona to go outside and pull he pants down and kiss Bethennys ass.   At one point there was an issue with Bethenny’ credit card and Ramona swoops into action.  Insisting to pay for a dress and she bought some hideous purses for everyone.  Again not lost on Dorinda.

 Bethenny relents and allows Ramona to attend the corporate Skinny Girl event.   Bethenny tearfully begs Ramona to be on her best behavior.

Ramona Wins

The ladies take helicopters to Tequila, the birthplace of Tequila.  They arrived at a plant and learn how Tequila is made . The  took a tour and  a show and and an opportunity to taste various Tequila’s

Ramona maintained, Bethenny said it event was the best ever.   These ladies have had several rounds of Tequila.    Back at the Villa, Sonja is sauced , she wants to make out with Luann., not sure if she gave tongue.

Next week. More Mexican Madness and a drunk Dorinda.


*“Class with the Countess: How to Live with Elegance and Flair” 

Is available on Amazon $1.99

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