You have a kid,don’t cha

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My son was a road warrior almost from the day he was born.   At two weeks his mother and I drove to Tijuana.  Why, because I rented a new Pontiac Bonneville.  Made sense at the time and we were in our twenties and it was about the adventure.

In Mexico, our son looked more Mexican then either one of us and we didn’t have papers and worried, if they would allow him out of the country.  15 years later it was like DAMM! we could have been FREE!

The boy never fussed and seem to enjoy traveling*  2 thousand miles by the time he was six months old.

I worked the mid shift for Avis Rent A Car near Union Square in San Francisco.  Every day we would have our routine.  His bottle at 11. My meal at noon.  Prepare him for travel and I get dressed. His baby gear and were off.

The 47 Van Ness bus, transfer to another bus on Clay Street up Nob Hill, off at Leavenworth to the sitter.   He would lie against a large white towel covering my red Avis sweater.  Up a couple of flights of stairs and the hand off, without fail, the boy would projectile vomit right after I removed the towel. The sitter loved the show.  She would just laugh, laugh, laugh.  The other children would vomit on their towels, in the bed.  Not my son.  It didn’t matter what I did, I would wait a couple of seconds, before removing the towel.  I am convinced it was his twisted sense of infant humor.    Then into the bathroom for a brief rinse then off to work a few blocks away.

Every now and then a customer would sniff and say, you have a kid dont cha?



* WARNING!!  An easy going child, could mislead you to have another child.  I can GUARANTEE the next one wont be!  Our beautiful  diva, would allow you to buckle her up into to the car seat drama free. Seconds from the curb the screaming would commence.  She had Iron Lungs, our son tried to removed them on a trip to Fresno.  His fingers in her mouth and the choking sounds was a nice break.  But at the end of the day, we loved our Diva and really couldn’t afford a proper lawyer for her brother.




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