The Real Housewives of New York S9 Ep18 “Blame it on the Tequila”


Sometimes when a plan comes together…….. Luann D’ Agostino, Bethenny Frankel, Dorinda Medley, Sonja Morgan, Carole Radziwill and Ramona Singer who has been a full time cast member since the beginning.  The Jury is out on the newest housewife, Tinsley Mortimer.  I have been raving about this season as being one of the best, if not the best.  There is drama but most of it fades after an episode, are you listening Real Housewives of Atlanta, New Jersey, Dallas and the OC.   Hopefully Bravo will spare us and not renew the Potomac women.   But this is how its done.

The three part Mexico trip has been a thoroughly enjoyable laugh fest.   Last night the tequila shots hadn’t worn off.   Sonja completely drunk off her ass, is still riding Ramona about being unhappy after her divorce.

Blame it on the Tequila!

Forget the pond, Sonja wants to dive in the lady ocean.  Admiring Ramona’s ass, she say’s she wants to butt fuck Ramona.   But lets forget Ramona, Sonja has it bad for brunettes especially Luann.     Bethenny gets naked and dives into the pool, soon followed by a naked Sonja. Ramona flashes Carole with her storeroom new boobies.   Carole gets shady as she says SHE has the best breasts because her’s are real.

In the pool, Bethenny reminds Ramona what a bad person she is.  Tears in the pool. “I’m not evil,” Ramona screams at Bethenny.  The two make up. (Hopefully until the reunion)

Meanwhile Dorinda attempts to perform an Sonjasism, trying to put clothes on her.   The drunk, horned up Sonja is resisting, but she loses out to LADYM.

Bethenny gets out of the pool and finds Sonja in HER bathing suit.  With Luann in safety, she goes after Bethenny.  Bethenny rewards her with a couple of brief kisses (no tongue)



Bethenny is a well structured women. It seems its difficult for her to relax even on vacation.    Its dinna! and once again she is the only one on time!  AND ONE AGAIN SHE IS PISSED!

But this is vacation and Dorinda isn’t feeling Bethenny!  Not only isn’t she feeling Bethenny, she is feeling no pain what so evah!   LADY M is drunk off her azz.  This is the slurring LADYM we have fallen in love with as she tells Bethenny to chill, stop being so perfect.  Then somehow she stabs herself in the hand with the knife.   Dinner ended up Bethenny plus two.

Morning arrives with a still heated Bethenny in sunglasses.  Dorinda (LADYM) and Carole talk in LADYM’s room and she tells Carole she sometimes reacts and doesn’t think about what she’s doing in the moment.  Shortly afterward, Dorinda and Bethenny make up.  Followed by more tears from Bethenny.

Water and Palm Beach

Outside we find Sonja who doesn’t believe in sexting, Skyping pictures of her ass for “Frenchie” in New York.


As Bethenny, Dorinda, Luann and Sonja stay at the Villa for massages , the other ladies go fishing.  Carole says she quite good at fishing.  Tinsley tells the ladies that she is heading to Vegas to meet Scott after this trip AND she is planing a “Thank you and Fuck You” party for Sonja.  Carole gets off the boat fishless and buys a fish instead, the plan was to lie about her catch.

Luann will always be the Countess.  “Manners Please”  She left the table when LADYD  was famously loud (CLIP) at the Italian Restaurant.

Now they are at the last dinner and Tinsley is ripped.  The former Countess  checks her for dropping the “F, bomb (Darling we are in a public establishment-decorum is essential)  Tinsley may be wasted, but she comes back and says Luann says “Palm Beach” too much.  (It’s true darling) the two go back an forth about Palm Beach and West Palm Beach. Its an upper crust turf war “The Upper East side Crips vs The Lower East side “Bloods)  with Luann reminding her, that Tinsley doesn’t own shit in either city, her mothers does………….Bitch!

Bethenny breaks it up by changing the conversation. She asks everyone to give their “thorn and rose” for the trip, meaning the best and worst moments.  All is well until they get to Luann who says her rose is her husband TOM!  The ladies all groan!

One more episode to go before the reunions!

There are some who believe the Mexico trip are the best #RHONY episodes ever.  I disagree, I think they are second to Season 3 Episode 12 Sun,Sand and Psychos ,often called (Scary Island)

The following clip (and the entire episode) can be seen on Hulu

This has been an enjoyable season ,see ya next week


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