The Real Housewives of New York: S9 Ep19 ” Missy and A Dick”

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L.E.B.R (Last Episode Before Reunion)

The Men minus Tom


 Were back in New Yawk City (yawn)
Carole and Bethenny talks about Tinsley’s new man Scott KlughImage result for scott kluth. Who is very likable, lets hope Tinsley’s whackyness doesn’t cause him to jump into Manhattan traffic.  They’ve known each other an half an hour and he’s relocating to NYC.
Speaking of men, Bethenny’ has invited Nate Thompson Image result for nate thompson nhl a firm hockey playah with Ottawa Senators to her new 4200 square foot Apartment.  Nate’s a confident man as he has no problem taking out his tooth so he can comfortably eat a corned beef sandwich. When Dorinda arrives, Bethenny’s encourages her to squeeze Nate’s tush.
Carole and Adam KenworthyRelated image are still solid as Adam settles into his new apartment.
Dorinda may have enjoyed squeezing Nates tush, but Dorinda’s is into Bears.  Her man John Mahdessian Image result for dorinda and john has been relatively absent this season.  Which is too bad, because her bear has had some memorable fights with Ramona and Bethenny last season.  He kicked a wasted Ramona to the curb for disturbing his ladies party.  More! More!  He and Dorinda are into each other but LADY M wants no strings. Last night he a presented her with a gown that’s Beyonce’ bridal.
Sonja Morgan is a free spirit who loves sex.  LOVES SEX!  On one hand she wants a stable life with a mature man on the other hand she wants someone who can take her there.  Sonja says, she really didn’t want to change anything in her house until her daughter was “stable” and then
Edgar “Frenchie” VaudevilleImage result for edgar vaudeville sonja morgan moves in without asking her and starts moving furniture without her input.  Sonja is clearly smitten, so stable is on hold for now as Frenchie tosses her salad.
Ramona: Last week was a real breakthrough.  Redecorating, freshening her face can’t fix her loneliness.   Her rage at Bethenny was all about her loneliness.  Ramona is that friend who check’s in on her friends when they are down. The one that brings soup and comforts.   When Bethenny was having health issues she was there. After all those years of marriage taking care of a husband and daughter Ramona was alone. In her mind, she had someone who needed her.  But Bethenny healed and said thank you.and returned to her life.
Ramona stopped by Sonja’s to check out changes in the house.  In Mexico, Tinsley made it abundantly clear she was moving out.and said she was going to throw Sonja a fuck you gone party! She admitted  she missed Tinsley when she moved out, but then  slips back into trash talking for her lack of gratitude. Sonja says she isn’t excited for the party Tin is throwing her, and Ramona takes the opportunity to agree.
Tinsley’s new home is at a hotel $7000 a month.  She throws a thank you party for Sonja at bar.

The Dick*, Luann, Missy, Harry and the rest of the Party

It has to be super weird for all of us to see Luann talking about how much she loves Tom.  (this episode was filmed before they called it quits)  She said “I was on a mission to make this work and I did,”

Luann and Tinsley believe marriage itself is worth more than the quality of the marriage. Appearing happy is more important then being happy.

I have mixed feelings (pre divorce news)about Tom(The Dick) and Luann.   I’m not sure if its Bravo’s editing or just maybe affection between the two is real.  But I’m feeling its forced as to say were sooo in love!

Everyone Bravo is at this party including (trumpet sound)”Harry Dubin” and (wah wah wahhh) Missy Hargraves Tom’s ex or current or……….     I thought the bitch (yeah, I said it!)had enough embarrassment by way of our man Harry Dubin.     One would think the two would avoid each other after the last party or making out in a hotel bar or…… Ah LOVE! But there she was enjoying drink with TOM as Luann mingled with the other guests.

When THE DICK see’s Missy, he coughs and she asks if he’s sick. “No, no, no, I’m fine,” . “I get all choked up when I see you.” (he flirts with her) “The feeling’s mutual.” Missy replies.   Missy says she was “walking off” the last time they saw each other.  Someone off camera asks for THE DICK’S  “side of the story” THE DICK , turns red-faced and starts laughing uncomfortably. “Alright. I’ve got to unplug this,” he says, turning off his mic to tell his tale.

Tinsley’s went out for Sonja.  Drinks in her honor, custom tee shirts .  Everyone is there (Did I see Jill Zarin?)   Wait, everyone but Sonja.  Bravo must have hired extra cameraman to film Tom.   Meanwhile, Ramona is spreading mess about Tins and SonJa, leaving doubt if she would show up

Sonja, finally arrives late looking stunning, arriving with a small entourage.  She’s ready, just in case of the party turns left.  Sonja and her friends are serving mischief with a capital M as he plunges his hand in the untouched  cake and feeds Sonja.

Just as Sonja is about to take it up a notch.  Tinsley give’s her a $5000 gift certificate to Bergdorf’s .  Sonja squeals and dances.


There are quite a few rumors out there.  Bravo is MEGA pissed that Luann announced she was divorcing Tom after they finished the Reunion.   One rumor is they may re-tape a segment of the Reunion.    However it shakes out, I have low expectations from this reunion.  This season was probably the best season of the show. Bethenny and Ramona is not enough. But we will see.   As for Luann, she went for it and it didn’t work, SAD!

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