The Real Housewives of New York S9 Reunion Part 3 “Sex, Bushes and Laughter”

Real Housewives of New York City Reunion, RHONY

New York has set the bar this season.  Perhaps too high for the franchise.  New York gave us a continuing wave of drama mixed with comedy.   There were a lot of spats but most ended in a couple of episode and not dragged out the entire season like the horrific Kandi, Porsha,Phaedra drama in Atlanta.  Then out of desperation production convinced  cast members to lie about timeline. (Cynthia’s divorce)  Remember fans/bloggers will fact check a bitch!

As Bravo is preparing us for another round of screaming and glass breaking in New Jersey.

One excellent franchise in its first and possibly last season is on in Bravo’s programming dead zone(Saturday afternoon) The Real Housewives of Auckland is fantastic in its first season, like New York  most of the housewives have a history together and like New York, most of the drama is in waves.  In one episode a cast mate called a black cast mate a nigger.    It was very emotional, but it seems after the one episode the matter was put the rest*   However from what I’ve read.  The Topic may have been too controversial for New Zealand.  Lets hope Bravo brings it back.

Last night’s reunion was fun, there were sparks here and there but it was mostly fun.  Cant remember, when I’ve said that about a reunion.



Andy revisited the Bethenny and Ramona Soft Porn dust up where Bethenny was in a sex scene where she was topless, a hundred years ago. Every now an then a tabloid will release this story.  Toward the end, Ramona seemed genuinely sorry about her conduct.  Of course the Bravo nudenicks showed the clip of Ramona and Bethenny in the pool together hugging where Bethenny is naked.  Bethenny: “Everybody likes to hug when one of you is stark naked,”


I believe Sonja has a direct line to Page Six where no one ever hangs up. Moo-ving ON! 

Tinsley moved to New York to get back into the social scene ultimately to reclaim her title as the toast of New York.  She moved in with Sonja who may have been a little jelly (Jealous) of her youthful good looks.  Sonja was being ultra controlling and treating Tinsley like a child.  Sonja being Sonja says she was being protective of her and looking out for her best interest.  O-kay?

Tinsley, not the best house guest in the world, brought a post teenager (I think he’s 23) over and got her swerve on in Sonja’s creepy bedroom with the dolls.  Tins has a few coins and could have taken the boy where Luann’s mans takes his girls “The Regency”

(Note to self: Next trip to New York I’m gonna have to get a sip in the Regency’s bar)

While Sonja deny’s it, Page Six quotes Sonja verbatim about Tinsley.  In Met-he-co Tinsely announces she moving out. She overhears Tinsley is planning a Fuck You party for her.   It turns out to be a good party and even though Tinsley gives her a five grand gift, Sonja thinks the party is self serving ,benefiting Tinsley

random SEX tawk

Ramona said she believed oral sex wasn’t sex so give her a pass.

Sonja is allergic to Harry Dubin’s sperm.

Sonja ladies light comes on when she’s drunk, and she has a thing for Brunettes

“Run Luann Run”


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Typically the reunion ends with strained smiles.  Not last night, these ladies like each other. Most of these women have known each other for ten years or more. Like the best of friends, they fall out and don’t talk to each other until the friendship overwhelms the anger.   Luann said, she knew the ladies cared about her and was watching out for her
This show ended with Tequila shots and big smiles.
“What a fucking good season.”
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I’m not sure if I will review The Housewives of New Jersey and Atlanta.  Both were shit with Atlanta particularly painful.  The return of Nene and Kim may bring me back, we’ll see.   Season 8 of Jersey premiers, Oct 4th (check your listings)
As for the other Housewives……
I strongly recommend The Real Housewives of  Auckland  (New Zealand) see it from the beginning(via Bravo on Demand) Its scheduled on Saturday afternoons (check your listings)    Orange County? Don’t bother, it’s in a desperate need of a casting change.  Then there is Dallas ……Two words  “Lee Ann”