A Near Perfect First Date?

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After talking online for weeks, they agreed to meet for dinner.  He is impressed with what he sees.  From the beginning, the couple enjoyed their conversations, first online then on the phone.  She received major bonus points for truth in advertising as she looked like her online pictures.

At dinner the conversation flowed from TV to Trump.  They talked about hobbies and dreams and then, without warning the conversation took a hard left.  When she asked if there was anything he could change about his appearance what would it be?  His response was nothing,  I go to the gym three days a week, and I run.

I can tell she said, your a very cute ,but I think its important to look our very best .  I regularly get botox injections to remove the fine lines in my forehead, you could use some around the eyes.  I noticed  you have slight ponch when you came in. You know there is a non invasive procedure to tighten your stomach.

I have always been fit. I eat right and I work out every day.  I even worked out when my legs was broken.  Of course, I couldn’t run, but I used the other machines in the gym.  Both my parents are in their seventies and they are very fit.   In fact, most of my family are fit except for my sister who ballooned up after having her kids.  She has completely let herself go ,its just horrible and none of us have anything to do with her!   Is there anyone overweight your in family?

She thought the date, went well and wants to see him again

She lost him at botox injections.





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  1. I moved from Arizona to Boston after talking to a creep for a year. He borrowed money from me and left me alone a lot and I stayed with him for 5 months. Turns out he was engaged to someone who was sending him money. Why are women so stupid?


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