The Experiment Failed: Time for Trump To Go!

I voted for Hillary, she didn’t win. I also voted for John Anderson, he didn’t win.  Voted for many candidates through the years who lost.

I swallowed and gave them my support.  None of those politicians brought us this close to war.  None has been as cavalier as Donald Trump who’s reckless Tweets could provoke a nuclear war

Sunday I wrote on my Facebook page: Thousands, millions could Die. Including my children and yours because of a Whacked out man is sending tweets and poking and taunting a child in North Korea.

This is BEYOND SERIOUS!! Korea has been a problem for years, but not one Obama, Bush, Clinton, or Bush has provoked a leader like this.

Especially a country who is led by a young man under 35 who has the ability to silence millions with a nuclear weapon. With missiles than can reach Hawaii and the West Coast of the United States.

I’m not sure what the next step is because this is New to all of us. But something has to be done.

This outweighs human rights, Obamacare or a knee. I’m not in denial, just because we haven’t been attacked like Europe or the Middle East doesn’t mean it cant happen here, because of a tweet.

Our politicians have failed us.  The Republicans are choosing party over country.  The Democrats are less than ineffective, drowning in rhetoric, a party without solutions waiting for there turn in office, where they like he Republicans fight for direction.

When I posted on Facebook a couple of days ago, I said I wasn’t sure what the next step was?

Today, September 26, 2017, I’m clearer.  We have to take back our country. It doesn’t matter what party you belong t0   Our leader is taunting other leader, calling him names.   Being a younger man the taunting if effecting his ego and while there are wiser and saner heads in North Korea, he is the leader and like our leader he can order a strike on our nation or another nation resulting in the death of thousands of sons, daughters, mothers and fathers.   Over a tweet.

Movements start slowly. with five or ten people

 On Sunday, October 1, 2017  its time to tell the world the Experiment has failed.  Time to set in motion for Donald J Trump to return to private life.

Its not going to happen overnight,  Silence isn’t working and millions of lives are at stake!

On Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 2pm in your time zone.  Call a few friends, meet at your City Halls,public parks for couple of hours.  Make your signs “Trump has to go!”