When A Diesel Engine becomes about Trump

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I don’t have a life, or anyone in my life at the moment.  My bed is filled with books, Pc’s and Tablets, various, car magazines, back issues of Consumer Reports issues ( I just purchased a top rated toaster) you get the idea.

My mind is filled with useless and useful information.

I’m outside the Volkswagen exhibit at the auto show.   A man asks a young woman wearing a Volkswagen shirt, is Volkswagen building any new diesel engines?   She said she didn’t know.

Enter the very single man with all this information on tap.

I chased the man and the woman down and told them Volkswagen has no plans to build any diesel’s in the US AND they are planing to build electric cars in the near future.  The man’s face grew angry.   Over a little pollution that’s bull shit!  That’s alright, Trump will deal with this!   How do you feel about nuclear cars? he said angrily!    I said, I don’t know,we’ll have to wait and see?  His wife dragged him away.

Did I offend?