Automobiles: When “All New” Isn’t Good


Honda Motor Company has a reputation for making reliable cars.

The Honda Accord was the best selling “car of 2017 and for 2018. the tenth generation Accord is all new. With a new Transmissions, new Engines, new electronics and it is likely be considerably less reliable than the 2017.  With so many radical changes in the 2018 Accord it may be some time before the tenth generation is as reliable as the ninth .

With mandates requiring vehicles to be more fuel efficient and meeting the demands of customers wanting technology means there are more things that could go wrong than ever before.

For years cars offered three and four speed transmissions and a basic radio.

The tenth generation Honda will have a ten speed push button transmission and  Two new turbo charged engines, the new car will have a new technology suite. (Radio)

This isn’t a Honda issue, its an industry issue.

The average car has more than 30,000 parts 

Chrysler hasn’t worked out the bugs with its nine speed transmission.  Volvo owners say its electronics often cripples their vehicles.  For years Ford owner cursed the original Sync electronics . This year more manufactures will offer nine and ten speed transmissions and new electronics .     Mazda, saw its reliability drop after it introduced CX-9 SUV with a turbocharged engine last year.

Some automakers  are more conservative, gradually adding new equipment to their models.

Toyota, rarely offers a clean sheet, a new vehicle with all new equipment.   Toyota’s new for 2018 C-HR SUV uses existing parts from the bins at Toyota.
The result is legendary reputation for reliability in its Toyota’s and Lexus Vehicles.

Hyundai (parent company of Kia and Genesis )often introduces a new vehicle to market  arket a few months before Kia.  The result is fewer first year bugs for Kia than Hyundai

Consumer reports 2017 reliability brand rating for Kia was #3 below Toyota #1 and Lexus #2  Hyundai was 7th and Honda 9th

J.D Power ranks Lexus and Porsche #1  Toyota #3  Hyundai #6  Honda #10 and Kia#11th

Conventional wisdom says the last year of the make and model may be the most reliable,by year four of five most of the bugs has been corrected.

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