A series of bad decisions



I’m in the Wally Mart parking lot . A man who looked like he was going to ask me for money, asked me for money saying he ” Keeps making a series of bad decisions which leaves him without money, like now!   I immediately reached into my pocket to give him money, but all I had was a twenty.  He smiled as he walked away.   As I was walking into the store, I wished I had five dollars to give him.  Who knows what bad decision he made to get him in today’s predicament, drugs, drink or like the rest of us a simple bad decision.

Its often fifty fifty, our decisions.  Will it work, its it a good idea?   Of course there are perfect individuals around us, these people are flawless and very judgmental of others.  These people are delusional and sometime dangerous (45) because some of them are in influential positions. Parents, teachers, members of the clergy who will demand perfection from others when they are flawed.  Damaging some innocents for decades.

I try to avoid perfect individuals. As I am flawed.  A broken egg is a broken egg, I will handle the next egg with special care.  There was a lesson there.   My prayer is to make new  mistakes and not repeating old ones.

Unlike perfect people, I am able to laugh at myself.  I’m human, my fall was stupid, I saw the banana on the ground and I stepped on it anyway.  Now my big ass is on the ground, and my lunch is paste.  NEXT!

The guy in the parking lot will haunt me for a while, but for a good reason.  With so much deceit in the world, the truth is often like a drop of rain in the desert.  It’s soo refreshing but it was only a drop.