HOT AND BOTHERED: Who took the Chocolate Chip Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

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This is a public warning to all skinny people!

Big thick fleshy individuals are SERIOUS ABOUT THEIR FOOD! 

Intelligent individuals wouldn’t put their hands in the mouth of an angry Pit Bull.

So don’t play with big folks food!  

The Story 

Last week, 31 year old Richard Hessic from Port St. Lucie, Florida came home expecting to eat his favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie’. His mouth, taste buds were all set for ‘da cookie” 

So when he went to the cookie jar….  (you know what happened?)

Hey, baby, where are my cookies?   Baby (the girlfriend)  cookies? I don’t know.

Richard was hot!  All of his favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies were gone and it didn’t help matters when he believed his girlfriend blew him off.  She couldn’t believe he was being so petty over a cookie and offered to replace the cookies.  She said she joked about “reviewing the surveillance cameras to see who ate the cookie.”     Richard wasn’t feeling it and came into the shower where she was and ripped the shower curtain down and punched her in the face.

She called the police

She might have re-thought ticking the 6.4 man off.

Richard is on house arrest and wearing a GPS monitor and has to say way from Baby.

  Richard is no stranger to the police.  He’s been arrested for battery, fleeing and eluding, child abuse, driving with a suspended or revoked license, and violating probation.  He will be arraigned today in Florida.




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