RHOA: S10 ep8 “A mad tea party

She’s Beautiful But Can She Cook?

Cynthia is at home bumping pots and pans.  It clear the pots and pans were an after thought or for show as it sounds as if she as thrown them into one section near the stove.   Her daughter Noelle looked surprised to see mama cooking.   Meanwhile Will calls and Noelle wants to meet him.   Cynthia say’s she’ll meet him once they become exclusive.

Give Marlo a Damm Peach already!

Marlo has done her homework.  She watched all of the Housewives episodes and pull the “they hate each other-so lets have a nice sit down, so they can kill each other and I will look like a  nice peacemaker?    Marlo positioned herself ,next to Nene and now there bosom buddies until Kenya drops Cynthia. 

Sheree Needs a Gay Man Stat!- A gay man wouldn’t let her wear that hair!

Sheree who has been stylish cast member.  Has gone blonde and its and EPIC MESS! Speaking of mess, Kandi comes over and ask’s Sheree about her man in the joint. She of course tells her Nene says he’s a con man.   Sheree says, Gregg and Nene both have mugshots so who are they to judge?   (That tidbit was so juicy-it MUST BE FATING!)  Meanwhile, Sheree meets with Kenya (in another bad wig-My KFC almost returned) Kenya is producing a domestic violence PSA.  Sheree resents Kenya being in charge and want to do more but admits she doesn’t have any experience (outside of offending us with those ugly wigs) 

The Old Lady Gang Revolts!

The gang: The Old Lady Gang were keeping Todd and Kandi busy at the restaurant

You have to hand it to Kandi. She shares her personal successes with friend and family. She is very loyal.  She has hired friend and family in all of her business endeavors.    However shortly after opening the General Manager quit and the restaurant is chaotic.       The OLD’s Bertha, Nora and Joyce aren’t happy with the staff.  Butts hanging out, hostess standing in the wrong place..  The gang don’t seem to give a shit about family.  Their faces are all over the restaurant.   (This is why I wouldn’t hire friend and family.-Strangers are easier to fire!)    Todd and Kandi and Don Juan, interview General Manager.  The applicant has done his homework and says the restaurant is struggling with three stars.  Don Juan, laid it out, working for Kandi and Todd is challenging.  and the rest of the folks.

Sniff Sniff

Porsha, fresh from her blind dates is in the office with Ricky Smiley.  In the hallway they kinda sniff each other after some mild flirting.   Dude! Ya’ll too freaky for the CityFella. Moving on with the quickness!

Give Marlo A Peach Part Du

Marlo always brings it , even though she often over does it.  The Nene Porsha come to Jesus Tea meeting.   Cynthia is the first to arrive, she and Marlo have had fights with Nene.   Nene didn’t talk to Marlo for four years and Cynthia for two. they agreed you have to wait for Nene to come around.   Tea was Vodka and Cran. Cynthia missed it.

The issue from Nene perspective is she was there for Porsha and she’s pissed because she texted Porsha and Porsha didn’t call her back.    Okay!   Porsha tried to respond, but Nene who is looking at her phone didn’t give Zero Fucks.

Kenya Spielberg  

Kenya is directing a PSA, she is looking directorish (don’t think that’s a word) .  She asks the women to tell their stories of Abuse.   All were moving.  But it was Cynthia’s mothers story that was by far the most compelling.   She talked about the abuse, that started in her teens to her breaking point where she pulled a knife on her abuser in front of her children.   We also learned at 16 Kenya was stabbed by her boyfriend.  Nene was abused by her oldest sons father.

Sheree was in an car accident on route to she shoot. Despite her pain with tears in her eyes she walked up a flight of stairs and managed to record her segment.


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