A short letter to GOD, nose hairs

Dear God,

When I was child I wondered why some old men had hair in their ears. Is it to protect their ears from bees? and why didn’t old women have hair growing out their ears, doesn’t seem fair.

I’ve had nose hairs all my life. Now that I’m older, I have a LOT of nose hairs.

You’ve read my letters wanting a full chest of hair, so why the nose?  and how quickly it grows.   Desperate for a chest full of luxurious hair, I once considered transplanting.

I’ve gone through three nose hair trimmers in the last year. At times my nose hairs are so thick it burns out the little motors. You can french braid the hairs in my nose and add beads.

I know you don’t make mistakes, must be my handwriting…well!

How bout a do over? No one rushes up to me and wants to touch my hairy nose.

Respectfully Yours